Asian Studies Monograph Series #1

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Disability Policy Development in

Majid Turmusani
AS46 More Information

  Class, Ideology and Women in
Asian Societies

Lenore Manderson & Gail Pearson
AS36 More Information
Japanese Perspectives on Pearl Harbor
Seishiro Sugihara

Translated by Theodore McNelly
  Religious Life and Art: Hindu-Buddhist
Santosh N. Desai
AS35 More Information

China and North Korea Politics of
Integration and Modernization

Han Shik Park & Kyung Ae Park
AS43 More Information

  Urban Society in Southeast Asia
Vol. 1: Social and Economic Issues

Gerald H. Krausse
AS34 More Information
Gandhi and Tagore:
Visionaries of Modern India
David W. Atkinson
AS42 More Information
  Urban Society in Southeast Asia
Vol. 2: Political and Cultural Issues

Gerald H. Krausse
AS37 More Information
Homeward Bound: Repatriation of Japanese
from Korea after World War II
Wayne C. McWilliams
AS41 More Information
  China in Perspectives:
Prospects of China Reunification

Edited by: Yung-deh Richard Chu
AS33 More Information
Perspectives on International Relations in
the Indian Ocean Region
Robert H. Bruce
AS40 More Information
  China's Reunification and
the Taiwan Question

F. Gilbert Chan
AS32 More Information
The Sub-Continent in the International
Economy 1850-1900

K.C. Roy
AS39 More Information
  East India Company Studies
Kenneth Ballhatchet & John Harrison
AS31 More Information
Pakistan-American Relations in
the Nineteen Fifties

Abdul Q. Zia
AS38 More Information
  Islands in Conflict in East Asian Waters
Shanon McCune
AS30 More Information

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