Asian Studies Monograph Series #2

Book Titles   Book Titles

Exchange Rate Incentive for Home
Remittance in Bangladesh, 1974-1983

Sadrel Reza
AS29 More Information

  Political Style and Education Law
in Indonesia

R. Murray Thomas and Soedijarto
AS19 More Information
The Irresolute Year: American Congressional
Opinion Towards Japan 1937-1947
Justin H. Libby
AS28 More Information
  Social Change, Innovation and Politics in
East Asia: Essays in Honor of Prof. Ardath W. Burks
Y.S. Yim, H.T. Wilson and R.W. Wilson
AS18 More Information
Urdu Poetry in Contemporary Setting:
A Study in Historical Perspective
Abdul Q. Zia
AS26 More Information
  The Strategic Implications of PRC Nuclear
Weapon and Statellite Rocket Programs

Bradley Hahn
AS17 More Information
Pakistan Rural Development?
Policies and Problems
Mushtaqur Rahman
AS23 More Information
  Pegasus Over Asia: Ventures in
East-West Literary Analysis

Margaret Berry
AS16 More Information
Modernism and Planned Social Change:
A Study of Two Villages in India

Satish Sharma
AS22 More Information
  Military Rule and Defense Expenditures:
A Study of 119 States, 1850-1975

Edited by: Tatu Vanhanen
AS15 More Information
The Roots of Democracy:
India Compared with Its Neighbours

Tatu Vanhanen
AS21 More Information
  Western Views of China and the Far East
Vol I: Ancient to Early Modern Times

Henry A. Myers
AS14 More Information
Gandhi, Women and Social Development:
In Search of Peaceful Development Planning in the Indian and Global Contexts

Satish Sharma
AS20 More Information
  Western Views of China and the Far East
Vol II: Early Modern Times to the Present (Since 1800)

Henry A. Myers
AS24 More Information

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