Asian Studies Monograph Series #3

Book Titles   Book Titles

Politics of Military Civic Action:
The Case of South Korean and South Vietnamese Forces in the Vietnamese War

Eun Ho Lee and Yong Soon Yim
AS13 More Information

  Roads for Korea's Future Unification

Young Jeh Kim
AS06 More Information
Popular Disturbance in Postwar Japan
Yoshio Sugimoto
AS12 More Information
  New Keys to East-West Philosophy
John Plott and Wallace Gray
AS05 More Information
The Military in the Political Development
of Asia
Alexander Nadesan
AS10 More Information
  ASEAN Education

Edited by: F.H.K. Wong
AS04 More Information
Mao or Muhammad: Islam in the PRC
Clyde-Ahmad Winters
AS09 More Information
  Western and Chinese Relationships to
Educational Philosophy

Nevin J. Duncan
AS03 More Information
Chinese Communist Politics: Selected Studies
Gilbert F. Chan & Harlan W. Jencks
AS08 More Information
  Japan: An Introduction
Allan J. Mclntyre
AS02 More Information
    Pakistan: Its Resources and Development
Akhtar Husian Siddiqi
AS01 More Information

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