Asian Profile Volume 39 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 39 No.1 February, 2011
Title Author
Do Cross-border Acquisitions Create Shareholders' Value in the Short Run? Arup Roy
Culturally Others: A Sociological Study of the Influx of Illegal Bangladeshi Migrants into India Rahul Jain
Human Trafficking and Smuggling in Asia Cindy Yik-Yi Chu
Two Decades of Coalition Politics in India: Continuity and Change Arijit Mazumdar
An Analysis of the Viability of the South Asian States: A Study of Political Geography Rata n Kumar
Impact Bilateral Trade between Iran and Italy: A Gravity Model Approach

Masoud Nonejad, Enayata llah Najibzadeh & Naser Eghbalifar

Testing for Volatility Clustering in the Stock Index Return in Bangladesh

Mirul Islam & Md. Abdur Rahman Forhad
Volume 39 No.2 April, 2011
Title Author

Trauma in the Age of Prosperity: The Lost Souls in 21st Century Chinese Cinema

Yau Shuk-ting, Kinnia
Evaluating Performance of Employment Generation Programmes in Bangladesh and India: The Case for Social Cohesion Hasanuzzaman
Trends of Urban Growth in Asian Megacities Sarita Azad & N.S. Sisodia
Differentials in Fertility by Religion with Special Emphasis on Hindu-Muslim Fertility Differential in Darjeeling District A. K. M. Anwa Ruzzaman & R. Sahu
Malaysia's Relations with Saudi Arabia in Small States' Organizations: The Case of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Asmady Idris
Patil on Enabling Environment, Education and Equality Julia A. Spiker
Negotiating an End to the Conflict in Tajikistan Tetsuro Iji
Sri Lanka and Chindia: Geo-political Balancing Acts before and after the Civil War Ameer Ali
Volume 39 No.3 June, 2011
Title Author

Public Accountability in Quandary: The Case of Bangladesh

Abu Elias Sarker
Emergency Trip Generation of Evacuation for Tsunami Disaster: A Case Study of Phuket Beach District Thai Charnkol & Shinya Hanaoka
Killing the Chicken to Scare the Monkeys? The Effectiveness of the United States Financial Sanctions against North Korea Minxing Zhao
Public Relations in Vietnam: Examination of a Work in Progress Bruce C. McKinney
An Econometric Analysis of Management Behaviour in Indian Commercial Banks Kalluru Siva Reddy
The Rise of Poll-Driven Politics and Image-Dominated Campaigns in Hong Kong: The Case of the 2007 Chief Executive Election Brian C.H. Fong
Crop-Combination and Productivity Regions in Uttar Pradesh – A Correlative Analysis Suman Lata & Hifzur Rahman
Volume 39 No.4 August, 2011
Title Author

The Developmental State of Malaysia: Efficiency versus Management of Ethnicity

Hans C. Blomqvist
Regional Patterns of Foodgrain Production in Bangladesh: Implications for National Food Security and the Environment Mohammad Abu Syem & Mohammad Abu Taiyeb Chowdhury
An Overview of the New Emerging Balance of Forces – 'the BRICS, G20 and G7' Response to the Global Financial Crisis Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar
Population Growth and Foodgrains Production in Uttar Pradesh Abdul Munir, Deepika Varshney & Mohd. Sadiq Salman
Consolidating Democracy in South Asia Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed
The Politics of Women Trafficking in Vietnam: Government Policies and Legal Responses Hoai Vu
A Model of Free and Fair Urban Local Government Election in Bangladesh: The Chittagong City Corporation (CCC) Polls 2010 MD. Shairul Mashreque
Volume 39 No.5 October, 2011
Title Author
1Malaysia – A Political Rhetoric or an Agent of Change? A Discourse of 1Malaysia's Significance to Diversity Management and Ethnic Relations in Malaysia Kinsley Ng Sen Fa
Community Participation for Environmental Sustainability in India: Issues and Challenges Mohd Azam Khan and Tosib Alam
Representing an Combination Algorithm (AHP & Kano) in order to Prioritize Effective Factors on Customer Needs in E-banking: The Case of Bank-e-Saderat of Tehran Province Younos Vakil Alroaia and Marzi Ardekani
Pakistan Confronts an Uncertain Future as It Fails to Address Its Core Problems Rathnam Indurthy
Moving Beyond the Stalemate: International Engagement in North Korea's Economic Transition Jong-Woon Lee
Money Market Interest Rate and Bank Return in the Southeast Asia Region: A Comparison Study Thatphong Awirothananon
Land Degradation and Livelihoods in Semiarid India: A Study of Farmers' Perceptions in Chambal Valley Padmini Pani, Deepak K. Mishra and S.N. Mohapatra
Volume 39 No.6 December, 2011
Title Author

An Exploratory Survey of Slum Dwellers' Perceptions of Poverty and Corruption in Slum Areas of Karachi (Pakistan)

Naved Ahmad, Oscar T. Brookins and Shahid Ali
High-Technology and Socio-Economic Transformation in Bengaluru (India): A Geographical Analysis Raj Rani Kalra
An Assessment of Thai Green Tourist Characteristics: The Exploratory Study in Shade of Green and Behaviour Kaewta Muangasame and Methawee Wongkit
Japan in South Asian Security Syed Ashrafur Rahman
GIS & Remote Sensing Based Mapping of Hydrogeomorphology and Landuse/Landcover Changes in a Semi Arid Watershed of Western India Mushtaq Hussain Wani, Akram Javed and Haris Hasan Khan
Paper Dragons: Vietnam's Three Defense White Papers Lewis M. Stern
Spatio-Temporal Pattern of Violent Crime in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam, India (1975-2001) Kalidas Sarma