Asian Profile Volume 37 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 37 No.1 February, 2009
Title Author
An Overview of Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors Scheme in China John Wai Sing Lee
From Godzilla to Train Man – A Study of the Japanese Self Image in
the Context of the West
Shuk-Ting Yau
UNCTAD: A Case of UNCTAD XII Badar Alam Iqbal
The Present Scenario of Malaysian and Indonesian Industrial Relations: Accommodation or Conflictual Balakrishnan Parasuraman &
Aryana Satrya
Capital Account Convertibility in India: A Review Saghir Ahmad Ansari &
Nisar A. Khan
Myanmar (Burma): Born to be a ‘Narco State’?

Zarina Othman

Water and Sanitation Associated Hazards and their Impact on Women’s Health

Abha Lakshmi Singh &
Uzma Parveen
Volume 37 No.2 April, 2009
Title Author

The Civil War and Modern China’s Ethnic and Frontier Politics, 1947-53

Hsiao-Ting Lin
Iran Small-Scale Industries and Export Decision-Making:
Selection of Preference Order
Manjappa D. Hosamane &
Younos Vakil Alroaia
Population Growth in Jammu & Kashmir During 20th Century Zulfiqar Ali Shah &
Syed Shabbir Husain Shah
Redefining Development and Plugging Holes in Mainstream Economics Narottam Gaan
Human Capital, Economic Growth and Labour Productivity in Malaysia Rahmah Ismail
Does Public Borrowing Crowd-out Private Investment? The Bangladesh Evidence MD. Alauddin Majumder
Export Demand Function of South Asian Countries: A Panel Analysis Purna Chandra Parida,
Ranjan Kumar Dash &
Rajesh Kumar
Volume 37 No.3 June, 2009
Title Author

Communication Apprehension in Asia

Bruce c. McKinney
Good Enough Governance: A Possible Governance Framework for South Asia Nasira Jabeen &
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal
The Uncertainty of Pakistan’s Fledgling Democracy: Explanations Rathnam Indurthy
Non-Muslims, Islam and Muslims in Malaysia Abdul Rashid Moten, Saodah Wok & Thameem Ushama
Tsunami Mortality and the Future: The Case of Sri Lanka Manori Weeratunga & Lakshman Dissanayake
Participation in Forestry: The Role of Patron-Client Relationship in Ensuring People’s Participation in the Social Forestry Policy of Bangladesh Saber Ahmed Chowdhury
Understanding Shitamachi in Yokohama Kazutaka Hashimoto
Manpower Planning in Hong Kong Civil Service: Present Problems and Future Challenges Pranab Kumar Panday
Volume 37 No.4 August, 2009
Title Author

The First Global Economic Crisis in the 21st Century

Akhilesh Chandra Prabhakar
A Case for Area/Cultural Studies as a Field of Research on Southeast Asian Studies Choon Yin Sam
The Effect of Futures Market Volume and Open Interest on Spot Market Volatility, a Vector Autoregression Model Approach Kailash Chandra Pradhan & K. Sham Bhat
The Impact of Economic Reforms on Indian Manufacturers: Evidence from a Small Sample Survey Eckhard Siggel & Pradeep Agrawal
Studies in Regional Economic Structure and Structural Changes of India:
Towards a New Approach
Sudhir K. Thakur
Human Security and Human Rights Issues: Searching Religious Ideals Md. Iqbal Shahin Khan
Public Health, Urban Governance and the Poor in Bangladesh: Policy and Practice Ferdous Arfina Osman
Volume 37 No.5 October, 2009
Title Author

The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in ASEAN Economies: Evidence from Panel Data Analysis

P. Srinivasan, P. Ibrahim & M. Kalaivani
The Global Crisis and the Malaysian Economy: Why the Trade Channel Matters Shankaran Nambiar

Daoism and the Idea of Communication

Anthony B. Chan
Bank Deposit or Bank Credit: A Wald Test Approach to Monetary Transmission Mechanism in India Purna Chandra Padhan

Towards Understanding Employment Policy in Japan: Some Lessons for India

Sib Ranjan Misra
Military Intervention in Pakistan’s Politics: Praetorianism, the Weak – Rentier State and Religion M. Kashif memon
The Impact of Climate Change on Bangladesh: Responding to a Threat to Food Security for Sustainable Development Md. Safiqul Islam
Volume 37 No.6 December, 2009
Title Author

Determinants of Trade between Iran, England & Germany: A Gravity Model Approach

Enayatallah Najibzadeh & S. Mahendra Kumar

Geopolitics of Tibetan Crisis

Sudeepto Adhikari, Ravi Kiran Sharma & Mukul Kamle
A Multinomial Logistic Regression Analysis of Anaemia Among North-East Indian Women Sunku Dey & Sankar Goswami
Structural Deficiencies Within the Indian Economy: Is the Current Model of Economic Development Sustainable? Nitya Singh & Bhawani Singh
Efficient Urban Governance in Managing and Enhancing Competitiveness of the Kuala Lumpur City-Region Hamzah Jusoh, Jalaluddin Abdul Malek & Azmizam abdul Rashid
Technical Efficiency of Rice Farming in Bangladesh: An Application of Stochastic Frontier Model Alexandros M. Theodoridis, Mazharul MD. Anwar & Asimakis Psychoudakis