Asian Profile Volume 36 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 36 No.1 February, 2008
Title Author
India-China Relations: Enduring Rivalry Arijit Mazumdar
Influences of Confucianism on Korean Corporate Culture Tan Soo Kee
Politics of Female Body: Pakistan’s Military and Religious Elite Tahmina Rashid
Emerging Scenario of India’s Myanmar Policy and The Manipur Dimension Langpoklakpam Suraj Singh
Explaining Union Strategy in Indonesia Aryana Satrya
Capital Control and Corporate Restructuring in Malaysia

Mohamed Aslam

Assessing the 1997 Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord

Bhumitra Chakma
Volume 36 No.2 April, 2008
Title Author

The Kashmir Conflict: A Historical Discourse

Abu Taher Salahuddin Ahmed
Towards Understanding Employment Policy in Japan: Some Lessons for India Sib Ranjan Misra
Source of Output Growth in Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Malaysia Idris Jajri & Rahmah Ismail
Speech Communication Education in Vietnam: The Climate of Opinion among Vietnamese Business and Education Leaders William D. Kimsey, Bruce C. Mckinney & Ha Phuc
Community Participation in Local Tourism Planning in Thailand: A Case Study of Koh Samui, Surat Thani Province Kannapa Pongponrat & Soparth Pongquan
Is there a Long-run Relationship between Exports and Imports for the Bangladesh? Mohammed nur Hussain
Islamic Fundamentalism in Bangladesh: A Quest for the Root Ferdous Jahan
Volume 36 No.3 June, 2008
Title Author

Effects of the Knowledge-based Economy on Urban Spatial Restructuring in the Institutional Transformation Era: Evidence from Beijing

Pengjun Zhao, Bin Lu & Gerard J.J. Linden
The Commercialization of Research Results Among Researchers in Public Universities and Research Institutions V G R Chandran Govindaraju,
Veera Pandiyan & Farha Abdol Ghapor
Conceptualizing the Indian Nation and Nationality Sudeepto Adhikari & Ratan Kumar
2008 Elections and the Political System
of Malaysia: A Political Tsunami
Syed Serajul Islam
Integration of Tribal Economies in the Era of Globalisation: Perspectives on Rubber Based Farming Systems in North East India P.K. Viswanathan & Ganesh P Shivakoti
HazMat Risk Assessment for Gasoline Logistics Route by ANP: A Case Study in Rayong, Thailand Watchara Sattayaprasert, Shinya Hanaoka, Pichai Taneerananon & Rojee Pradhananga
Contraceptive Use in Bangladesh: Evidence from a National Survey Hafiz T.A. Khan & E.M. Nazmul Kalam
Volume 36 No.4 August, 2008
Title Author

The Poverty of Nongmingong’s Social Rights in China

Zhaohui Hong
The Founding of Universities in Modern Japan and China: Sponsorship Patterns and Their Consequences Matthew M. CHew
Stock Market and Macroeconomic Activities in Malaysia Hawati Janor, Noreha Halid & Aisyah Abdul Rahman
Savings, Investment, Capital Flows and Economic Growth in India: A Modified Causality Analysis Chandan Sharma
The Foreign Trade of Bangladesh: Its Composition, Performance, Trend and Policy Mohammad Mafizur Rahman
Designing Optimal Liner Fleet Routes in Asian Regions Peerapol Boontaveeyuwat, Shinya Hanaoka & Kiyoshi Honda
ASEAN Economic and Currency Community: Financing the Growth Arsony Buana & Khan MD. Azizur Rahman
Volume 36 No.5 October, 2008
Title Author

The Australia-China Free Trade Agreement: Do Benefits Exist?

Mahinda Siriwardana, Jinmei Yang
Japan's Foreign Economic Policies towards East Asia in the Post War Era Kaoru Natsuda
A Reverse Logistics Model for Aggregates Recycling in India Sanjeev Sinha, Pichai Taneerananon, Shinya Hanaoka
Educational Problems and Educational Reforms during the British Era in Sri Lanka - An Analysis of the Kannangara Reforms K.K. Tamara Jayalatha
Fund Performance Persistence Analysis: Thailand Equity Funds Kandiah Jegasothy, Theeralak Satjawathee
Purchasing Power Parity in Bangladesh Economy: Evidence from Time Series Data MD. Nisar Ahmed Shams
Livestock Revolution in Monsoon Asia during the Post Economic Reform Period Nizamuddin Khan, Zeba Siddiqui, MD. Asif Iqubal, MD. Minhajul Hoda
Volume 36 No.6 December, 2008
Title Author

Development of Personal Networking in Different Societies: Guanxi in China and Wasta in the Middle East

Sivakumar Velayutham
An Analysis of the 2003 "Zero-Three-Three" Civil Service Pay Reduction Settlement in Hong Kong: A Neopluralist Perspective Brian C.H. Fong
Bilateral Trade and Exchange Rate: An Exploration of the Dynamics of Indo-Canadian Trade Relation in the Pre and Post Liberalization Period Dukhabandhu Sahoo
Productivity, Wages and Employment in Indian Manufacturing Sector: An Empirical Analysis Badri Narayan Rath, S. Madheswaran
Taking the Environmental High Road: The Malaysian Oil Palm and Palm Oil Sector Er Ah Choy
The Rise of Civil Society in South Asia: Implications for Regional Cooperation Process Delwar Hossain
The Price of Migration and Bangladesh to Distant Lands: Narratives of Recent Tragedies Akm Ahsan Ullah
Reverse Mobility and Its Implication on Employment Problem: The ASIAN Experience Ishak Yussof, Zulkifly Osman