Asian Profile Volume 34 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 34 No.1 February, 2006
Title Author
The Changing Ethics within the Chinese People's Liberation Army:
Yesterday's Lei Feng vs. Today's Young Soldiers
Che-Po Chan
Contemporary Globalization and Cultural Borrowing: The Case of Japanese Experience in the Meiji Era Delwar Hossain
The Culture of Power, Good Governance, and the Devolution of Power to Local Governments in Pakistan Ilhan Niaz
August 2004 By-election in Terengganu, Malaysia: The Ascendance of Islam Hadhari Abdul Rashid Moten
Pioneers of the Pacific: Harold Bromley, Harold Gatty and Charles Kingsford-Smith and the Inauguration of Trans-Pacific Aviation Justin H Libby
Financial Analysis of Stick Textile Mills of Iran

Khosro Faghani Makrani & Syed Husain Ash5707227


Trade and Regional Integration: Bangladesh and SAARC Perspective Mohammad Mafizur Rahman
Volume 34 No.2 April, 2006
Title Author

The Rise of Chinese Economy and Its Impact on the Asian Regional Economy: A Quantitative Assessment

Seon Jae Kim
The Planning and Implementation Strategies of a Statewide GIS in Malaysia: Lesson Learnt from the Selangor Darul Ehsan GIS (DEGIS) Ruslan Rainis & Alias Abdullah
Participation in Integrated Watershed Development and Management: Role of Infoirmal Intermediaries in Lamphra Phloeng Watershed Development in Northeast Thailand Sharon B Singzon & Ganesh P Shivakoti
Contours of Pakistan's Nuclear Strategy: An Analysis Mohammed Badrul Alam
An Analytical Study of Indian Regional Rural Banks Rais Ahmad
Bangladesh Garment Industry: Low-road or High-road Shahidur Rahman
Environmental Corollaries and Social Consequences of the Green Revolution and Genetic Engineering Jon N Penterman & Jayati Ghosh
Volume 34 No.3 June, 2006
Title Author

Shanghai's Lilong and Longtang Through the Eyes of a Sociologist

Lawrence K. Hong & Michael K. Hong
Respect for Teachers: Comparartive Studies between Korea and Japan Hideo Watanabe
Malaysia's Relations with Saudi Arabia in Smaller States' Organizations: The Case of the Group of 77 Asmady Idris
Legitimation of Divotce According to the Religious Law of Indonesia Rusdi Malik
Urbanization and Vehicular Traffic in a Developing Economy: A Case Study of a Growing Urban Center in India Shahab Fazal
Asian Women Leaders: A Comparative Study of the Images of Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh Anwara Begum
Regional Cooperation for Engery Security: Possibilities for Cross Border Power Trade in South Asia Vandana Upadhyay
Volume 34 No.4 August, 2006
Title Author

Imagining and Consuming Japanese Food in Hong Kong, SAR, China: A Study of Culinary Domestication and Hybridization

Benjamin Wai-Ming Ng
North Korea in Transition: What Direction and How Far? Sujian Guo & Gary A. Stradiotto
Interactions Between Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Firms in the Malaysian Context Moha Asri Abdullah
Regional Science Research in India: Retrospect and Prospect Sudhir K. Thakur & Ashok K. Dutt
Explaining Why the Musharraf Military Regime Is Not Likely to Restore Democracy in Pakistan, 1999-Present Rathnam Indurthy
Radical Media in Asian Canada: Historical Revision, the Asianadian and Rikka Kaura K. Larson & Anthony B. Chan
Volume 34 No.5 October, 2006
Title Author

Sons of a Gan Notions of Masculinity and Familial Roles Across Three Generations in a Chinese Family

Ong Puay Liu, Ong PUay Tee & Ong Puay Hoon 
Bank Mergers Performance and the Determinants of Singapore Banks Efficiency:
An Application of Two-Stage Banking Models
Fadzlan Sufian & Muhamed-Zulkhibri Abdul Majid
Shelter Allocation Analysis for Tsunami Disaster: A Case Study in Phuket, Thailand Thai Charnkol & Yordphol Tanaboriboon
Indonesia-Malaysian Political Relations:
The Idiosyncratic Factor in Foreign Policy Decision Making
MOHD Noor Yazid
Is India Heading for an Obesity Epidemic? Naresh Kumar & Adina K. Batnitzky
The Practice of ‘Dowry’ in Bangladesh: A Brief Analysis Meherun Nesa
Emerging Asia and the United States: The Shifting Sands of Global Influence Nirmal Goswami
Volume 34 No.6 December, 2006
Title Author

Strengthening Hong Kong’s Banking System: The Views of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Peter Y.W. Chiu
Japan’s Agricultural Trade Liberalization in the WTO Muhammad Ijaz Latif
Tiger in the Shadow of the Red Star: The Malayan Emergency 1948-1960 and Chin Peng Shue Tuck Wong
Social Protection and the Role of Micro Finance Programs: The Case of the Philippines Mohshin Habib, Charmine E.J. Hartel &
Sharif As-Saber
India-Pakistan Relations: A Strategic Shift Arijit Mazumdar
Child Labour in Bangladesh: Trends, Patterns and Policy Options Rasheda Khanam
Rural Non-Farm Employment in India and Thailand Bhagirathi Panda