Asian Profile Volume 33 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 33 No.1 February, 2005
Title Author
Regional Politics: Wartime Relations between the CCP and the Guangxi Warlords, 1936-1944 Zhu, Pingchao
Confidence-Bulding Measures in South Asia: Can it be Tried in North Korea and Northeast Asia? Alam, Mohammed Badrul
On-Farm Tree Planting in the Uplands of Lao PDR: Experiences, Challenges, Policy Implications Inthavong, Chanthaviphone & Schmidt-Vogt, Dietrich
Infant Mortality in Indian States Bhutani, Smita
Pakistan's Non-NATO Ally Status Javaid, Umbreen
Production Technology and Productivity Differences in Manufacturing Industries: A Study of the Formal and the Informal Sectors in Bangladesh Chowdhury, MD. Hedayet Ullah
Volume 33 No.2 April, 2005
Title Author

Social Justice and Political Reform in China: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

Hong, Zhaohui & Sun, Yi
A Study on the Correlation between Performance of Auto Industry in Taiwan and Its Investment Volume in Mainland China Kang, Hsin-Hong, Lin, Yung Hung & Lee, I-Chan
Femine Perspective on Malaysia Fian Identity in K.S. Maniam's Between Lives Peter Wicks
The Sarawak Labour Market: Issues and Future Challenges Ozman, Zulkifly & Yussof, Ishak
Forest Ecology of Uttarakhand, India Khan, Abdul Munir Kazma & Nasir, Jamshed
WTO: Doha to Cancun Iqbal, Badar Alam
Asian Family and Migration: Some Important Issues Khan, H.T. Abdullah
Volume 33 No.3 June, 2005
Title Author

Isolated in a Globalized World: A Reorganization Proposal for Taiwan and Its Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Shin, Chuei-Ling
Evaluating South Korea's Progress in Consolidating Democracy: From the Perspective of Ordinary Citizens Shin, Doh Chull, Park, Ching-Min & Jhee, Byong Kuen
Malay Female Education in Peninsular Malaysia: A Case Study of Kedah, 1990-1940 Musa, Mahani
Tea Production and Garden Size in the Upper Brahmaputra Valley, India Singh, Surendra & Daimari, T.C.
Minorities in Bangladesh: The Enemy Within? An Inquiry into the Causes of Violence against Religious Minorities in 2001 Riaz, Ali
Bank Efficiency and Economic Growth Evidence from Selected ASEAN Countries Karim, Mohd Zaini Abd
Volume 33 No.4 August, 2005
Title Author

Sun Yat-sen and a United States of China

Cure, Greg de & Patrikeeff, Felix
Japan in Vietnam: A Case Study of Japanese Globalization Hashimoto, Kazutaka
Globalization and National Industrial Relations Systems: Theoretical Implications from the Singapore Case Tan, Ern Ser & Parasuraman, Balakrishnan
Changing Patterns of Trade in Manufactures: Taking Stock of Intra-Industry Trade for Malaysia Devadason, Evelyn
The US Role in the Kashmir Dispute Since 1947 to Present: An Assessment Indurthy, Rathnam
History is the Story of Existence: A Case Study of Chittagong Hill Tracts Uddin, Nasir
The Determinants of Health Care Expenditure in Some Asian Countries Emran, MD. Masum
Volume 33 No.5 October, 2005
Title Author

Dialectically, Where Do We Position the Chinese PLA After the 14th National Congress of the Party?

Yu, Peter Kien-Hong
Practices of Japanese Work Values between Malaysian and Japanese Compies Sulaiman, Noorasiah
Analysis of the Performance of Thailand's Equity Fund Industry, 1992 to 2000 Jegasothy, Kandiah, Satjwathee, Theeralak & Tippet, John
Oil Price Determination According to Period - Case Study in indonesia as an Economic and Psychological Solution Arifin, F.X. Suarif
An Empirical Analysis of Exchange Rate and Trade Balance and the Balance of Payments Adjustment in India Parida, Purna Chandra & Mathiyazhagan, Maathai K.
Flood Mapping and Damage Evaluation in Greater Dhaka, Bangladesh with Remote Sensing Dewan, Ashraf Mahmmood, Kankam-Yeboah, Kwabenak & Nishigaki, Makoto
ASEAN Plus Three: Rethinking East Asian Cooperation Voon, Jan P., Chen, Edward K.Y. & Bridges, Brian
Volume 33 No.6 December, 2005
Title Author

Export Patterns by Level of Technology between Korea and China

Chang, Semoon
An Introduction to the Thought of Global Thinker Eiji Hattori: Ensouled Language, and the Sound of Snow Gray, Wallace
Inflation Targeting - Should Sri Lanka Embark on It? Karunaratne, Neil Dias
Active Versus Passive Investors of Malaysia: Demographic and Psychographic Evidence Ghazali, Ezlika & Othman, MD. Nor
Cross-Border Illegal Migration and Conflicts in India's North East: Emerging Challenges and Responses Upadhyay, Archana
The Four-party Alliance Government of Bangladesh: A Mid-term Appraisal Islam, M.D. Safiqul
Environmental Scarcity, Migration and Future Sea Level Rise in Bangladesh: Security Implications on India Gaan, Narottam