Asian Profile Volume 32 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 32 No.1 February, 2004
Title Author
The Realtionship between Fertility and Infant Mortality Rates within the Cointegration and Granger Causality Framework: Evidence from China Narayan, Paresh Kumar
Revolution as Recovery: The Use of History in Minbao and Guocui Xuebao Hon, Tze-Ki
Japan's Trade with Asian Countries: The Case of Textiles and Clothing Islam, Sadequl
Emergent Voices in Singaporean Fiction in English Wicks, Peter
The Changing Spatial Pattern of Population Concentration in Peninsular Malaysia 1980-2000 Rainis, Ruslan, Shariff, Noresah Mohd & Masron, Tarmiji
The Role of Accessibility in Land Transformation: A GIS Based Study of a Growing Urban Centre in a Development Economy Fazal, Shahab
Cellular Phones for Women Empowerment in Rural Bangladesh Moni, Monir Hossain & Uddin, M. Ansar
Volume 32 No.2 April, 2004
Title Author A Chinese World View and Rhetorical Analysis in Cyberspace

Chan, Anthony B. & Massey, Lawrence M.
US-China Relations: Nature, Pattern and Future Directions Jain, Romi
An investigation of Vietnamese Business managers' Perception of Communication Competence and Conflict Management Style McKinney, Bruce C. & Kimsey, William D.
The Study on Safety Awareness and Work Stress among Automobile Manufacturing Workers in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Parasuraman, Balakrishnan & Hussin, Rosazman
Strategy for Foreign Trade in Nepal Singh, M.P.
Changing Family in urban India Singh, J.P.
The Clash of Civilization Thesis and Bangladesh: A Case Study Khan, Haroon A.
Volume 32 No.3 June, 2004
Title Author

How and When will China Democratize: The Lessions from Taiwan

North Korea's Information and Communications Technology: Status, Potential and Constraints Lee, Jong-Woon
Upland-Lowland Interactions, Natural Resource Dependency and Community-based Management in a Semi-rural Area of the Northern Region, Thailand Kijtewachakul, Nitaya, Songwattana, Wichai, Kumnoi, Wanpen & Yana, Ratchaneewan
Business Networks and Alliances in ICT - The Case of Malaysia Abdullah, Nik Rosnah Wan & Mansor, Norma
Development of Indian Religious Tradition and Popular Culture Sharma, Satish
Age Structural Transition and Economic Growth: Evidence from South and Southeast Asia Navaneetham, K.
Volume 32 No.4 August, 2004
Title Author

Chinese Familism and Immigration Experience in Canadian Towns and Small Cities: From Dual Paradigms on the Chinese in Canada to a Cross-Cultural Study of the Case of Peterborough, Ontario, 1892-1951

Chen, Zhongping
Two Japanese Saints: Kagawa and Onisaburo Gray, Wallace
Political Reforms in the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia: A Comparative Perspective Ku, Samuel C.Y.
Early Development of Malaysia's Relations with Saudi Arabia: Historical Background Idris, Asmady
Fiscal Reforms and Economic Growth in India Sahoo, Pravakar
Migration Networks: An Analysis of Bangladeshi Migration to Singapore Rahman, MD. Mizandur
Volume 32 No.5 October, 2004
Title Author
Economic Transition in China and Vietnam: A Comparative Perspective Guo, Sujian
Regional Linkages and Japan's Foreign Aid Policy towards Myanmar Yoshimatsu, Hidetaka
On the Incidence of Wage Stickiness in Malaysia and Singapore Arcelus, Francisco J., Sharma, Basu & Chew, Irene K.H.
Population Growth and Demographic Change in India Shafiqullah & Khan, Jabir Hasan
Parliamentary Elections in Bangladesh Under Non-Party Caretaker Governments Mizi, Mohammed Anowar Hossain
Globalisation and Inequality - A New Approach to the Development of the South Prabhakar, Akhilesh Chandra
Volume 32 No.6 December, 2004
Title Author
China's Political Elites in the 21st Century: Technocrats in Command? Bo, Zhiyue
The Impact of the New Administrative Capital Transfer on the Demand for Rental Housing in Daejon City, Korea Kim, Seon Jae
Transaction Costs and Alternative Export Channels: The Case of Malaysian Exporters Dogan, Ergun, Smyth, Russell & Wills, Lan
Bhutan's Strategy for Development and Self-reliance: The Objectives and Operational Isation of Gross National Happiness Upreti, B.C.
Supply Response of Wheat in Bangladesh Begum, Moss. Ahjuman, Islam, S.M. Fakhrul, Manos, Basil & Kamruzzaman, Mohd.
Institutional Sustainability in Natural Resource Management: A Study on Arunachal Pradesh, India Mishra, Deepak Kumar