Asian Profile Volume 31 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 31 No.1 February, 2003
Title Author
Reinventing the Communist Government in a Transitional Economy - A Review of China's 1998 Central Government Restructuring Kinglun, Ngok & Zhu, Guobin
The Linked Rate System and Monetary Stability: The Views of the Hong Kong Monetary Aithority Chiu, Peter Y.W.
Malaysia's English Language Policies for the 21st Century - Where to Now? Ridge, Brian
Mortality and Morbidity Trends and Poverty in Sri Lanka Dissanayake, Lakshman
Indian Sugar Co-operative Industry in the Era of Globalization Ahmad, Rais
Household's Participation in Mrcro-credit Programs in Bangladesh and Their Socioeconomic Well-being: Is There a Positive Relationship? Hoque, Serajul MD.
Rationales of Multilateral Aid and Educational Development of Pakistan Ahsan, Muhammad
Volume 31 No.2 April, 2003
Title Author

Living on the Edge: Tibetan Refugees in South Asia

Kharat, Rajesh S.
Pre-World War II Contract Reporters in Japan Libby, Justin H.
Golbalization, Risk Society, and Optimal Response: Policy Implications from the Singapore Case Tan, Ern Ser & Parasuraman, Balakrishnan
Role of Financial Institutions in India's Industrial Development: An Emperical Study Rai, Shailendra Kumar
Plateauing of Total Fertility Rate (TFR) in Bangladesh: Am Exploratory Analysis Kamal, Nashid & Chaudhury, Rafiqul Huda
"Amerasian Bloc" in the World Trade System Su, Tieting
Volume 31 No.3 June, 2003
Title Author

Trends of Foreign Direct Investment: A Comparison of China with Mexico

Li, He
Pragmatism in Contemporary Zhang, Xiong
Why did Jinnah Accept the Cabinet Mission Plan of 1946?: A Note of Critical Reappraisal Hayat, Sikandar
Income Inequality, Poverty and Redistribution Policy in Malaysia Roslan. A.H.
Market Participant's Behaviours in Rural Market Centre in North India: A Study in Cultural Geography Khan, Nizamuddin; Hoda, MD. Minhajul; Ahmad, Sohail & Siddique, Zeba
Factors Responsible for Woman's Participation in Family Planning Program in Bangladesh Kalam, Eftekhar M.N. & Khan, H.T. Abdullah
Volume 31 No.4 August, 2003
Title Author

Political Assassination and the 1911 Revolution: A Comparative Perspective

Chan, Henry Y.S.
Is there a Unit Root in Per Capita Real GDP? Panel Data Evidence from Chinese Provinces Smyth, Russell
Japan's Ode - A Case Apart? Blomqvist, Hans C.
July 2002 By-elections in Kedah, Malaysia Idid, Syed Arab; Moten, Abdul Rashid & Wok, Saodah
A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Communication Apprehension between Americans and Vietnamese McKinney, Bruce; Nicholson, John H. & Kimsey, William D.
Urban-Rural Differences in Human Resource Development in West Bengal, India Sinha, B.R.K.
Maternal and Child Healthcare Seeking Behaviour in Bangladesh: Patterns and Determinants Islam, M. Mazharul
Volume 31 No.5 October, 2003
Title Author

Protestant Revolutionaries in Fujian, China, 1901-1911

Dunch, Ryan
Japan's Subnational Governments and Their International Co-operation Programs Yoshida, Hitoshi & Jain, Purnendra
The Continuous Failure of Democracy in Pakistan: The Interventionist Military as the Core Explanation, 1947 to Present Indurthy, Rathnam
Evolution of Territorial Boundaries Through Land Occupancy in Aligarh District: A Study of Historical Geography Ahmad, Ateeque & Shamim, Syed Kausar
Determinants of Pesticide Use in Hybrid Vegetable and Cereal Seed Production in Bangladesh: A Tobit-decomposition Analysis Rahman, Sanzidur & Hossain, M.D. Zabed
Policy Dimensions of Foreign Direct Investment in Some East Asian Countries Mahasneh, Quhafah
Volume 31 No.6 December, 2003
Title Author

Learning, Catching Up and International Economic Order: Trilateral Relationship between China, Britain and Hong Kong in the Entrepreneurial Perspective

Yu, Tony Fu-Lai & Kwan, Diana S.
Effects of the Increase of the Aged Population on Consumption and Urban Space in Singapore: From Japan's Experiences Hashimoto, Kazutaka
Edifices as Urban Autobiography: Bangkok in the Aftermath of Globalization Hong, Lawrence K. & Duff, Robert W.
Present Conditions of Industrial Relation and Manpower Laws and Regulations in Indonesia Oetomo, R. Geonawan
The Formation of "A New Society" among the Indigenous People of Sabah: A Historical Perspective Kib, Mat Zin Mat
Viability of RRBs as Rural Financial Institutions of India: A Micro-Level Study in the Context of Liberalised Environment Pati, A.P.
Repatriation of the Biharis Stranded in Bangladesh: Diplomacy and Development Haider, Zaglul