Asian Profile Volume 29 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 29 No.1 February, 2001
Title Author
Has the Asian Financial Crisis Eroded China's Export Competitiveness Vis-a-Vis Its Regional Rivals? A Shift-Share Analysis Wu, Friedrich
The Effects of Economic Development on Industrial Relation: The Case of Malaysia Parasuraman, Balakrishnan
A Monastery System of High Education: Twenty-Three Centuries of Sri Lankan Experience Gamage, David T.
Application of Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in Urban Sprawl and Land Use Change Mapping: A Case Study of a Growing Urban Centre in India Fazal, Shahab
Access to Mass media and Its Exposure to Family Planning Messages: Levels, Differentials and Determinants Hossain, M. Zakir & Khan, H.T. Abdullah
Cultivating the gentle Man within: Confucian Ethics for the Millennium Being Ong, Puay Liu
Volume 29 No.2 April, 2001
Title Author
Corporate Governance and Ownership Reform in China's State-Owned Enterprises Wang, Jianguo, Tang, Mui Ling & Smyth, Russell
Youth Unempolyment and Training in Hong Kong: A Preliminary Analysis Ngo, Hang-Yue
The Recent East Asian Economic Crisis and Its Impact on Malaysian Small and Medium Sized Firms Rosli, Mohd., Othman, Md. Nor and Norbani, Che Ha
Corruption and Anti-Corruption Measures in the Indian Public Sector Vyas, Lina
Factors Affecting Unmet Need for Contraception Kabir, M. & Bob, Ubaidur
Yellowface: the Racial branding of the Chinese in American Theatre and Media Chan, Anthony B.
Book Review Koref, Rudiger & Choy, Er Ah
Volume 29 No.3 June, 2001
Title Author
Children's Performance, Parental Expectations and China's Education in the 1990s Bai, Limin
Taiwan as an Incubator Selya, Roger Mark
Western Assimilation of Southeast Eurasians: A Quest for Identity in the Americans Hall, Ronald E.
State and Development Policy: The Case of Singapore Blomqvist, Hans C.
Rise of New Capital Classes in India Under the British Talha, Naureen
Micro-credit for the Rural Poor: The Experience of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) in Bangladesh Aliashraf, MD.
Book Review Sahadat, John
Volume 29 No.4 August, 2001
Title Author
Agricultural Surplus Labor and Agricultural Development in China Wang, Cheng-Hsu
Capital Flow and Financial Stability: The Views of the Hong Kong Monetary Authortiy Chiu, Peter Y.W.
The New Economy Middle Class and the Prospects for Democratisation in Singapore Oehlers, Alfred L.
The Export Engine of Growth and Neoliberal Reforms in Sri Lanka Karunaratne, Neil Dias
Distribution of India's Population: Some Reflections Smita Bhutani
Feasibility of Retail Household Lending Product by Commercial Banks in Bangladesh

Mamun, Muhammad Z. & Hashem, Seikh Abul

Volume 29 No.5 October, 2001
Title Author
China's WTO Membership: Implications for Macro-economic Outlook and Financial Sector Wu, Friedrich
The Chen Shui Bian's Administration: Neiyou Huenwai (Internal Troubles and External Disturbances) Yu, Peter Kien-Hong
The Party System and Democratization in South Korea Kim, Kwangsoo
An Asian Profile: Homer Lea and the Prophecy of War in the Pacific Libby, Justin
Environmental Scarcity of Water and Indo-Nepal Conflict: Towards Environmental Integration and Cooperation Gaan, Narottam
Political Violence and the Fall of Governments in Bangladesh

Khan, Haroon A.

Lessons from the Asian Financial Crisis: Some Obiter Dicta Ghosh, B.N.
Volume 29 No.6 December, 2001
Title Author
Joint-stock System in China: Agency Problems and Governance Mechanisms Mok, Vincent Wai-Kwong & Leung, Man-Kwong
Development of Military Thoughts in Traditional China Cheng, Ta-Chen
The Hello Kitty Craze in Singapore: A Cultural and Comparative Analysis Ng, Benjamin Wai-Ming
Gender Organization System (GOS) in Pakistan: A Framework for Research on Women in Management Jabeen, Nasira
Vulnerable Foreign Workers: Evidence from Malaysia Abdullah, Moha Asri
An Emperical Study on the Financing Pattern of DBs and Its Impact on the Development of North-east Region

Pati, A.P.

The Impact of Technological Change on Female Garment Workers in Bangladesh Islam, Nazrul & Swierczek, Fredric W.