Asian Profile Volume 28 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 28 No.1 February, 2000
Title Author
Housing, Planning & Cadre Influence on Chinese Urban Social Space: Through the Looking Glass of Social Areas of Beijing Sit, Victor F.S.
Cross-Strait Relations in the Twenty-First Century: Where is Taiwan Heading? Wang, Yu San
Problems from Within: A Perspective on the Corporate Structure in Korea Ko, Haksoo
The Shifting Trade Patterns of ASEAN Hurley, Dene T.
From Debacle to Miracle: Malaysia's Recent Monetary Reform Ghosh, B.N.
India after Fifty-one Years of Independence: The Successes, Failures, & the Imperatives Needed to Achieve a Prosperous Stable Democracy Indurthy, Rathnam
Management of Rural Development in Bangladesh: An Overview (1971-Present) Abedin, Najmul
Volume 28 No.2 April, 2000
Title Author
The Urban Factors and Transition of China's Rural Surplus Labor Hong, Zhaohui & Liang, Hong
The Impact of New Immigration Policies on the Development of New Chinatowns & New Chinese Shopping Plazas in Canada Lai, David Chuenyan
Putting the (Second) Postmodern Question to Japan: Postmodernism & Japan Ten Years Later Thornton, William H.
Pre-Colonial Kadazan History in Sabah: Early Forms of Ethnic Awareness Ongkili, James F.
Struggle & Survival: Female-Headed Households in a Low-Income Area of Burdwan Town, India Lahiri-Dutt, Kuntala
Service Quality of Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh Islam, Nazrul & Saha, Gour Chandra
Improvement of Relationship between African-American & Asian Small Businesses in Inner City KIm, Sungwoo & Brookins, Oscar
Volume 28 No.3 June, 2000
Title Author
Banking Reform in China (1978-1998) - A Review and Appraisal Lee, John Wai Sing
Rediscovering Japanese Naitonal Identity in Mass Culture: At Peace with Man and Nature Oblas, Peter B.
Climate Change Impact on Human Health in Sri Lanka: An Exploratory Analysis Dhanapala, Andra H.
Changing Cropping Pattern in Thar Desert: A Case Study of Indira Gandhi Canal Command Area Ansari, Ajaz Husain & Rehman, Anisur & Ahmad, Hameed
Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir: A Perspective on Socio-economic Imbalances Chib, Sukhdev Singh
The Applicability of the CPE Models in Reducing Low Enrolment & Low Attendance in Primary Education in Bangladesh:a Program Assessment w/ Empirical Evidence Karim, A.H.M. Zehadul
The Asian Currency Crisis - An Empirical Analysis Ahmed, Syed M.
Volume 28 No.4 August, 2000
Title Author
The Political Economy of China's 1994 Fiscal Reform Zhang, Baohui
Social Security Systems of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan Dawar, Lina
Rural Water Treatment: A Case Study of the Ban Thadindam Demonstration Project, Lop Buri, Thailand Wong, Shue Tuck
Ideological & Territorial Factors in the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontations 1963-1966 Yazid, Mohd. N. Mat
Population Growth, Poverty & Foodgrain Supply in India: The Present Trend & Future Prospect Bhagat, R.B.
Age at Marriage in Rural Bangladesh: Determinants, Trends and Patterns Yadava, K.N.S. & Hossain
US Policy toward Asia: Partial Insights and Interpretation Shuja, Sharif M.
Volume 28 No.5 October, 2000
Title Author
Managing Political Elites in Post-Deng China Bo, Zhiyue
The New Working Class in Taiwan: Its Social Values, Political Attitudes and Class Position Chu, Jou-Jou
Japan's Industrial Cooperstion Policy toward Southeast Asia: Its Evolution and Limitations Yoshimatsu, Hidetaka
The Liberation Movement of the Muslims in Patani Raya of Thailand Islam, Syed Serajul
Management of Indian Agricultural Marketing Cooperatives in Changing Economic Environment Ahmad, Rais
Government Decentralisation in Third World: Theoretical Debates and the Bangladesh Experience Siddiquee, Noore Alam & Hulme, David
Volume 28 No.6 December, 2000
Title Author
Towards a New Type of Enterprise Pension Insurance System in China Li, Ying-Sheng
Venture Capital Investment for Software Industry in South Korea Kim, Seon-Jae & Hahn, Young-Ki
Foreign Labour in the Midst of Asian Economic Crisis: Early Experience from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore Abdullah, Asri Moha & Chan, Raymond K.H.
Green Revolution, Food Security and Agricultural Sustainability in India: The Conflicts and Solutions Singh, Tapeshwar
Committees in the Bangladesh Parliament: A Study in Comparison Ahmed, Nizam
Prospect for Integration in Pacific Asia Zhu, Zhiqun