Asian Profile Volume 27 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 27 No.1 February, 1999
Title Author
Factors Affecting Joint Venture Performance in China Wong, Edward Yui-Tim
The Issue of Air Assistance to China in the US-Relations, 1931-1941 Xu, Guangqiu
Planned Rural Changes through Land & Settlement Schemes in Malaysia: Jengka R.D.A after 30 Years of Development Abdullah, Abdul Hamid & Rostam, Katiman
Performance Failures, External Shocks & Defence, & Structural Changes in Indian Economy Kabir, Bhuian Monoar
Factors Related to Urban & Rural Lifetime Marital Fertility Rate in Bangladesh Khan, H.T. Abdullah
The Asian Economic Crisis and Its Impacts to Foreign Investors Santos, Rolando A. & Lim, Ralph
Volume 27 No.2 April, 1999
Title Author
Chinese Seniors and Formal Associations in British Columbia, Canada Lai, David ChuenYan & Chappell, Neena L.
The Dynamical Relation between the New Religious Order & the Modern Capitalist Society: A Case Study in Hong Kong Chan, Cheris Shun-Ching
Prospects for Economic & Political Reform in North Korea under Kim Jong-il Shuja, Sharif M.
The End to Minibus Services in Kuala Lumpur: Reasons for Tarnished Image & Public Response towards Service Attributes Rahim, A.M.N.
Spatial Patterns of Change in Indian Sex Ratio, 1981-1991 Bhutani, Smita
Marriage & Martial Satisfaction among Adolescents in Rural Bangladesh Islam, M. Mazharul & Islam M. Nurul
Water Wars Over Litani River Pathak, Monika
Volume 27 No.3 June, 1999
Title Author
The Stratification of Social Entitlements in China Bo, Zhiyue
Historical Oligopolistic Trend in Japanese Industries as a Cumulative Economic Process Mori, Koichiro
Leninism, Asian Culture and Singapore Yuen, Chung Kwong
Environmental Degradation and Intra-Inter State Conflict in Pakistan Gaan, Narottam
Economic Control on Consumer's Movement Behaviour - A Case Study of Village Ramnagar Sultanpur District (U.P.) India Singh, S.P. & Singh Km. Indu
Adoption Process-Sequentially Selective or Selectively Random: Farm-level Evidence from Bangladesh Hossain, Shan M. Alamgir
Volume 27 No.4 August, 1999
Title Author
Changing Profile of Chinese Americans: Some General and Preliminary Observations Chang, Pao-Min
China's Challenge to Japan Miron, Mushkat
Low-Cost Housing Provision in Malaysia: A Social Responsibility of the Private Housing Developers? Sirat, Morshidi & Hamat, Abdul Fatach & Aziz, Abdul Rashid & Rahim, Alip & Yaakob, Usman HJ.
Some Paradigms of Civilizations - India and the West Narain, Prem
The Determinants of Work Efforts of Working Married Women - A Case Study of the Chittagong Metropolitan Area, Bangladesh Hossain, Mohammad & Bashar, Omar, & Siddiqui, Mohammad M. & Siddiqui, Mohammad S.
The Discharge of Accountability & Responsibility in Asian Societies: An Evaluation Velayutham, Sivakumar
Volume 27 No.5 October, 1999
Title Author
Explaining the Political Democratization of Taiwan Greene, Megan & Lie, John
Indicators of Women's Social Status as Determinants of the Marital Timing of Women in Hong Kong Wong, Odalia M.H.
Competing Ideas of Economic Success in Yala Province, Thailand Cornish, Andrew
Trend of Growth of Muslim Population in India, 1951-1991 Amani, Khalid Zaheer & Siddiqui, Lubna
Safe Area Densificaton as a Development Strategy to Mitigate Riverbank Erosion Disaster in Bangladesh: The Why, Who, Where & How Issues Mamun, Muhammad Ziaulhaq
Issues and Challenges of Foreign Workers in Asia Chan, Raymond K.H. & Abdullah Moha Asri
Review Article: Generation and Identity in Claire Tham's Singaporean Stories Wicks, Peter
Volume 27 No.6 December, 1999
Title Author
Leaving the Shadow of the Big Brothers-Hebei's Changing Economic Relations with Beijing & Tianjin in China Yang, Hong & Zhang, Xiaohe
Impacts of Credit Cards on Individuals in Hong Kong: An Exploration Chan, Alfred & Chan, Jimson W.T.
Restructuring of Korean Economy & Lessons from American Corporation Kim, Yong-Cheol
Patterns of Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand Thomson, Curtis N.
Study of Itinerant Trading System in North India: A Case Study Khan, Nizamuddin & Shrivastava, V.K. & Ali, Alamtar
Present Conditions and Prospects of Homestead Forestry in Bangladesh Salam, Abdus & Noguchi, Toshikuni & Koike, Masao
Identity & the Physiological Evolution of Eurasians in North America: toward a Lifespan Human Development Model Hall, Ronald E.