Asian Profile Volume 26 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 26 No.1 February, 1998
Title Author
The Diaoyu Tai Dispute Implications Regarding Chinese National Identity & Cross-Straits Relations Segni, Giovanni
Job Distress & Job Satisfaction Amongst the Nurses in Hong Kong - An Exploratory Story Chan, Alfred Cheung-Ming
Japanese Women and the Peace Movement in the 1950s: Opposition to Nuclear Testing Storm, Hiroko
The Sustainability of Jinggau Trees (Ploiarium alterifolium) Trade in Bukit Begunan, Sarawak, Malaysia: Implications for Development Programs Uli, Jegak
Public Sector Intervention as a Means to Promote Female Secondary Education in Bangladesh: Some Cost-Subsidy Strategies Barkat, Abul & Rahman, Mati Ur
Levels of Development in the North Eastern Region of India Saikia, Anup
Differentials in Crime Rates in Fuji: Role of Ethnicity Chang, James & Pillai, Vijayan K.
Volume 26 No.2 April, 1998
Title Author
Revolution, Space & Urbanization: The Ideological Foundations of Chinese Urban Development Han, Sun Sheng & Wong Shu Tuck
An Expanding Horizon: Canada-Southeast Asia Relations Ahsan, Syed Aziz
The Exact Timing of the Onset of the Fertility Transition in Sri Lanka Dissanayake, Lakshman
Will Pakistan Enter into the 21st Century with a Substantial Number of Illiterates? Ahsan, Muhammad
Democratization in Bangladesh Khan, Haroon A.
Urban Functions and Functional Classification of Cities in Madhya Pradesh, India Tripathi, Pramod
Volume 26 No.3 June, 1998
Title Author
Family Planning and the Growth of Minority Populations in China Hao, Yan
The Long Walk Toward Regulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hong Kong Gauld, Robin D.C.
Inter-Korean Business Economics Kim, Youn-Suk & Chang, Semoon
Socio-Environmental Status of Common Property Resources in Rural Haryana, India Qureshi, Mohammad Hashim & Kumar, Suresh
Participatory Rural Development in Bangladesh: An Overview Mashreque, Shairul Rotuma in Historic and Prehistoric Perspective Shutler, Richard Jr.
Volume 26 No.4 August, 1998
Title Author

1989 in Sino-East Central European Relations Revisited

Tubilewicz, Czeslaw
Shift of Industrial Agglomeration:a Case of Foreign Direct Investment of Japanese Firms in the Consumer Electronic Industry in Asia Mori, Koichiro
Sensitivity of Malaria Potential Transmission to Climate Change in Sri Lanka Dhanapala, Andra H.
Population Pressure and Intensity of Landuse: A Study of Uttar Pradesh Hassan, Mohammad Izhar
Adjustment of Bangladeshi Commuter Husbands with Their Wives at Periodic Reunions Quddus, Abul Hasnat Golam
Insurgency in Chittagong Hill Tracts: Its Origin & Impact on Economy & Environment Dutta, Jyoti Prakash & Rahman, Mohammad Mafizur
Perceptions of Arabian Gulf Security Al-Mutrif, I.A.
Volume 26 No.5 October, 1998
Title Author
The Reorganization of the State-Owned Enterprises Indetedness in China: A Comprehensive Perspective Hong, Zhaohui
Will Yen Weakness Induce a Pause in Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in Asia? Mushkat, Miron
Politics and Loss in Philip Jeyaretnam's Singaporean Fiction Wicks, Peter
Accounting Education in Asian Countries: The Sri Lankan Experience Yapa, P.W. Senarath
Urban Impact on Natural Environment in Aligarh City Khan, Mohd. Ishrat Saeed & Munir, Abdul
Good Governance: Tensions between Tradition & Modernity in Bangladeshi Public Administration Jamil, Ishtiaq
Volume 26 No.6 December, 1998
Title Author
Local Forces and Democracy in the Republican Era (1912-1927) Hu, Shaohua
Prospects for Chinese H-Class Shares and Red Chip Enterprises in Hong Kong Smyth, Russell
The Origins of the Developmental State in South Korea, 1910-1979 Kim, Yun-Tae
The Emergence of an Indigenous Style of Management in South-East Asia Wijewardena, Hema & Wimalasiri, Jayantha
Continuity & Change of Conventional Religion: An Emipirical Study of Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh Debnath, Pankaj Kumar
India's Experiment with Coalitions: The 1996 General Elections and Since Tummala, Krishna K.
Bangladesh Press: Contours and Contents Riaz, Ali