Asian Profile Volume 25 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 25 No.1 February, 1997
Title Author
The Implications of Structural Change, Reform, & Congestion for Freight Traffic in China Kuby, Michael & Cook, Peter
Population Aging & its Consequences on Socioeconomic Development: An Experience from Japan Salam, M.A.
The 1995 General Elections in Malaysia: A Trend Analysis Moten, Abdul Rashid & Mokhtar, Tunku Mohar
Aligarh City: Urban Expansion and Encroachment Khan, M. Ishrat Saeed
Political Decision-making in Bangladesh & the Role of Women Choudhury, Dilara & Hasanuzzaman, Al Masud
Asian Profile of Underdevelopment and Poverty Das, Kumar B.
Volume 25 No.2 April, 1997
Title Author
Jiang Zemin's Stressing Politics and Reconstruction of Social Order in China Hong, Zhaohui
Preparations for the 8th Congress of the Vietnamese Communist Party: Party Organization Congresses from the Basic to the Provincial Level, 1995-1996 Stern, Lewis M.
Democracy in the Philippines: A Political Culture Approach Ligeralde, Rica M.D.
Problems of the Senior Citizens in India - An Overview Chakrabarti, Prafulla
Clientelism and Local Government in Bangladesh: A Study in Relations Sarker, Abu Elias
Sovereign Borrowers in Asia are a Relatively Low-Risk Proposition Mushkat, Miron & Leong, Mike
Book Review Malik, Ahmad Rashid
Volume 25 No.3 June, 1997
Title Author
China's Foreign Trade Reform and Export Performance Zhang, Zhaoyong
Beyond the Household: Strategising Child Care in Singapore Huang, Shirlena & Yeoh, Brenda S.A.
Backstabbers & Unholy Alliances: The Rise & Demise of the USNO-PBS Coalition Government in Sabah Malaysia, 1993-1994 Ongkili, James F.
The Atoll State of Maldives: Overview of Its Economy and Overseas Trade Adhikary, Prakash Chandra
Developments in and Constraints on the Thai Dairy Industry Murphy, Thomas & Tisdell, Clem & Kehren, Tatjana
Social Action Programme in Balochistan: Prospects and Problems Khan, Abdul Rasheed
Volume 25 No.4 August, 1997
Title Author

Stock Market Integration: Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China

Leung, Man Kwong & Lee, John Wai Sing
Brunei Darussalam: An Oily Economy in Search of an Althernative Path Ali, Ameer
Industrial Expansion, Employment Changes & Urbanization in the Peri-Urban Areas of Klang-Langat Valley, Malaysia Rostam, Katiman
Land Degradation Around Aligarh City, India Singh, Abha Lakshmi & Azam, Syed Farooque
Vulnerability, Settlement & Population Concentration Functions in Riverbank Erosion-Prone Areas Mamun, Muhammad Ziaulhaq
Process of Islamization in Pakistan Jahangir, Arbab Mohammad
Volume 25 No.5 October, 1997
Title Author
Development & Disparity: A Reflection on Social Development in Guangdong Mok, Ka-Ho & Chow, Wai-Lun
Foreign Direct Investment in Southeast Asia: Implications of Regional Economic Integration in the Western Society Tzeng, Rueyling
Maniam's Malaysian Vision Wicks, Peter
Desired Fertility & Family Planning: Husband and Wife Communication in Sri Lanka De Silva, W. Indralal & Rajapaksa, L.C.
Slum Location and Cycle of Poverty: Calcutta Case Dutt, Ashok & Mittra, Chandreyee & Halder, Animesh
Urban Local Government in Bangladesh: Practices and Problems of Personnel Administration Begum, Afroza & Hasan, Samiul
Book Review Wu, C.L.
Volume 25 No.6 December, 1997
Title Author
Incremental Planning & Colonial State: The Style of Social Policy in Hong Kong 1966-1996 Tang, Kwong-Leung
Tiger under the Rising Sun: The Japanese Occupation of Malaya, 1942-1945 Wong, Shue Tuck
Women in a Catholic World: A Case Study of Singapore Kong, Lily & Tan, Rachael
Environmental Causes of Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka: Intra and Inter State Gaan, Narottam
The Foreign Policy of India: CTBT and Its Aftermath Bhattacharya, Sauri P.
Decentralisation and Access: Theoretical Framework and Bangladesh Experience Rahman, Mohammad & Khan, Mohammad M.