Asian Profile Volume 24 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 24 No.1 February, 1996
Title Author
Mongolia: The Transformation of a Quasi-Closed Economy Martellaro, Joseph A.
From Twin-track to Pax Nipponica: Pakistan in Japanese Diplomacy Malik, Ahmad Rashid
Indo-Russian Military Cooperation: Russian Perspective Sergounin, Alexander A. & Subbotin, Sergey V.
Triangulation & Circulation Migration: A Methodology for the Study of Overseas Student Mobility Andressen, Curtis
Change of Regimes, Their Policies and Political Developments in Bangladesh Chowdhury, Mahfuzul H.
Relative Profitability of Multinational Enterprises in a Developing Host Country: The Sri Lankan Experience Wijewardena, Hema
Growth & Production of Horticultural Crops & Level of Self Sufficiency in West Asia Hashmi, S. Najmul Islam
Asian Stock Markets: Risk, Return and Diversification Tai, Lawrence S.
Volume 24 No.2 April, 1996
Title Author
An Analysis on China's Utilization of Foreign Direct Investment Qing, Huang He
The Transformation in the Characteristics of Chinese Migration to Australia, 1982-1993 Coughlan, James E.
Working Women and Their Families: A Case Study Bakar, Noor Rahamah HJ. A.
Environmental Degradation & Security Implications in Indo-Nepal Relations Gaan, Narottam
The Population Factor in the April 1991 Cyclone: A Study of Perception Khan, Mahmudul Huq
Political Parties and National Integration in Pakistan Qanber, Hina
Book Review Sharma, Satish
Volume 24 No.3 June, 1996
Title Author
Historical Development of Chinese Labor Laws: The Evolution of CCP-Proposed Labor Legislation, 1922-48 Berkley-Coats, Gerald W.
Job Preferences and Work Ethics: A Comparison between China and South Korea Shaw, Victor N.
Thailand's Economic Development and the Changing Nature of Its Livestock Industry Murphy, Thomas & Tisdell, Clem
Levels of Rural Modernisation: A Geographical Study of Central Ganga-Ghaghara Doab Fakhruddin & Sufiyan, Abu
The Recurring Kashmir Crisis Since 1947 & Its Relevance to Indo-American Relations in the Bush-Clinton Years: An Evaluation Indurthy, Rathnam
The Second BNP Government in Bangladesh: An Appraisal Ahmed, Nizam
Volume 24 No.4 August, 1996
Title Author

Woven as Close as Thread on a Spindle": Sisterhoods in the Hidden Writing of Chinese Women

Rainey, Lee
China's 1994 Inflation Viewed from the Monetary Angle Haiqun, Yang
Transitional Economy of Inter-Korean Transaction Kim, Youn-Suk & Koo, Hyeng Keun
India's Policy of Nonalignment: A Geopolitical Analysis Dikshit, Raemesh D.
Irrigation & Variation in Wheat Productivity; Are They Co-Terminous?: A Study of Regional Dimension in Wheat Production Potential in Uttar Pradesh (India) Ahmad, Ateeque & Rahman, Fazlur
Politics or Local Government Reform in Bangladesh, 1971-1995: The Rhetoric or Decentralisation Siddiquee, Noore Alam
Rapid Industrialization & the Environment in Asia: Prospects and Problems Compton, Robert W. JR.
Comparative Studies on Land Reform Advancement between Mainland China & Taiwan Hong, Zhaohui
Volume 24 No.5 October, 1996
Title Author
China's Increasing Integration into the World Economic System from the 1970s to the Early 1990s Su, Tie-Ting & Lin, Zen & Liu, Zhi-Gang
Japan's Response to Changing Needs of South Asia Molla, Gyasuddin
Democratic Transition in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities Shafquat, Saeed
Dialectics of Development: The Case of Malaysia Ghosh, B.N.
Dependency Theory and Education in India Motamedi, Vahid & Dushkin, Lelah
Life and Work of Industrial Worker in Bangladesh Chowdhury, Iftekhar Uddin
Volume 24 No.6 December, 1996
Title Author
An Econometric Analysis of Agricultural Performance in Sichuan China Bhatti, M. Ishaq & Owen, Debbie
The Hong Kong Banking Environment After 1997 - Survey Findings & Strategic Implications Chan, Ricky Yee-Kwong
Restructuring of Korean Chaebols: An Evolution towards a Type of Japanese Keiretsu? Su, Zhan & Bayle, J. Loubet Del
Women's Landscape of Fear?: Safety in the Design of Public Housing Estates in Singapore Yeoh, Brenda S.A. & Lin, Yeow Pei
Tea Industry in Colonial and Post Colonial Assam Saikia, Anup & Sharma, Minakshee
Ecological Impact of Indira Gandhi Canal Project in Western Rajasthan Ansari, Ajaz Hussain & Imam, Shahid & Ali, Alamtar
Effects of Flood Mitigation Measure: Lessons from Dhaka Flood Protection Project, Bangladesh Alam, Bhuiyan Monwar & Damole, Letecia N. & Wickramanayake, Ebel