Asian Profile Volume 22 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 22 No.1 February, 1994
Title Author
Rapid Changes in China's Household Size and Structure Cheng, C.Z.
From a Submissive to an Adversarial Legislature: The Changing Role of the Hong Kong Legislative Council in the Political Transition Lam, Jermain T.M.
Women in Ancient Japanese History Gray, Wallace
Economic & Internal Political Implications of the United States Opening Trade with Vietnam Gordon, Fred
The Demolition of the Babra Mosque in Ayodhya & the Implications for India's Secularism & Political Stability Indurthy, Rathnam
Bangladesh-Pakistan Relations: An Evaluation Ahmed, A.T. Salahuddin
Volume 22 No.2 April, 1994
Title Author
Horqin Right Middle Banner, Inner Mongolia: Education, Death, the New Year, & Marriage Mandala & Kevin Stuart
Industrial Unions vs Employers: The Power Struggle in the Taiwanese Workplace Chu, J.J.
The Australian Multifunction Polis & the Japanese 'Leisure Ethic' Williams, Jeremy B.
Some Features of the Philippine Agriclutural Sector Riethmuller, Paul
The Situation of the Kurds in the Post-Gulf War Period & US Policy Toward It Bhattacharya, Sauri P.
Demographic Situation in India in 1991 Nagpal, Smita & Chandna, R.C.
Volume 22 No.3 June, 1994
Title Author
A Research Note on School Enteprise in China Shih, Chih-Yu
Demography of a Small Village in Shandong Province of the People's Republic of China Odend'hal, Stewart
The Role of Korea's Government in Financing Industrialization Kim, Youn-Suk
The Philippine Supreme Court under Authoritarian & Democratic Rule: The Perceptions of the Justice Tate, Neal & Haynie, Stacial L.
Patterns of Social Inequalities & Social Interactions Among a Minority Christian Community in Chittagong City, Bangladesh Ali, Imam & Rokeya, Begum
Technology Transfer and the Indian Experience Sahu, Sunil Kumar
Emerging Asian Stock Markets and Economic Developments in Asia Tai, Lawrence S.
Volume 22 No.4 August, 1994
Title Author

The Development of Small Business & Petty Commodity Production in the People's Republic of China

Chaichian, Mohammad A.
Political Tactics & Career Success among Chinese Managers in Hong Kong and Taiwan Chow, Irene Hau-Siu
A Review Essay: Japanese Views of China during the Meiji Period Deng, Yong
Hugh Clifford & Frank Swettenham: Environmental Cognition & the Malayan Colonial Process Savage, Victor & Kong, Lily
Profile of a Contemporary Indian Periodic Market Rawat, D.S. & Kumar, Anil
Transforming ''Human Deprivation'' into ''Human Development'' in Bangladesh: GO-NGO Dimensions Barkat, Abdul
Warren Hastings as ''Oriental Despot'' Wright, H.R.C.
Volume 22 No.5 October, 1994
Title Author
The Changing Style of Management in Chinese Organizations - The Case of Hong Kong Fernandes, Nicholas & Blomqvist, Hans C.
Japan-Southeast Asian Relations: The Military Commitment Samad, Paridah Abd.
Making Sense of Vietnamese Politics: Current Trends & Recent Events, June 1993-March 1994 Stern, Lewis M.
Responsibility: Indonesia's Parameter for the Press Antolik, Michael
The Philippine Economy One Year Later Santos, Roland A.
Factors Deciding Farmer's Choice of Crops Singh, Abha Lakshmi & Fazal, Shahab
Authoritarianism and Women's Rights in Pakistan Sarfraz, Hamid
Volume 22 No.6 December, 1994
Title Author
The Self-Responsibility System in the PRC & Its Effect on Rural Unemployment Martellaro, Joseph M.
Japan's Direct Investment in the United States Lee, Kuo-Wei
Prospects for Development in Australia-ASEAN Trade Relations Sharma, Kishor
Trade & Competitiveness: The Singapore Experience Jin, Ngiam Kee
Thailand's May 1992 Uprising: Factors in the Democratic Reforms Thomson, Curtis N.
Changing Dynamics of Pakistan's Foreign Policy Malik, Ahmad Rashid
An Ethical Double Standard?: Evidence for Its Nonexistence among Asians Ogilby, Suzanne & Barlett, Roger W.
The Metropolitan Poor of Bangladesh - A Case Study Rahman, M. Mujibur