Asian Profile Volume 21 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 21 No.1 February, 1993
Title Author
Socialism and Confucianism: Problems of Chinese Management Chen, Min
Interest Articulation and Aggregation in Taiwan and Canada Liu, Leo Y.
America's Response to the Korean Problem, 1941-1945 Park, Hong Kyu
Management of the Environment in the Malaysian Context Sidhu, Manjit S.
Identification of Central Villages & Micro Level Planning of Social Facilities in Iglas Block of Aligarh District, India Banerjee, Shipra
Demographic Goals & Family Planning Targets in Fourth Five Year Plan of Bangladesh:How Realistic? Islam, M. Nurul & Islam, M. Mazharul
Determinants of Factor Proportions in Manufacturing in a Developing Country- Evidence from Sri Lanka Wijewardena, Hema
Review Article Sharma, Shalendra D.
Volume 21 No.2 April, 1993
Title Author
Chinese Foreign Policy after Tiananmen and Beyond Tan, Qingshan
Do the US and China Treat One Another's Exports Fairly? Some Calculations Tower, Edward
The Industrialization of Culture & Class Formation: The Case of South Korea's Emerging Middle Class Hart, Dennis
Exhaustible Resource Revenues Management: A Case Study of Brunei and Norway Fernandes, Nicholas & Blomqvist, Hans C.
Agrarian Bureaucracy in 18th Century Bengal: Rangpur 1765-1793 Kundu, Dilip Kumar
Institutional Reforms in Nepal's Agricultural Sector Khadka, Narayan
Cultural Parallelism: The Golden Mean Between Cultural Naitonalism & Cultural Assimilation-Asian Indians in Trinidad, West Indies Sahadat, John
Book Review Thakur, Sudhir Kumar
Volume 21 No.3 June, 1993
Title Author
Mortality and Health Care Planning in China's Cities Gong, Hongmian & Dutt, Ashok K.
The Composition & Direction of the Republic of Korea's Outward Foreign Direct Investment Waitt, Gordon
Integrating an East Asian Focus into Australian Business Education Frazer, Murray
Spatial Behaviour of Consumers & Traders in Periodic Markets in a North Indian State: A Case Study Amani, K.Z. & Khan, Nizamuudin
Local Government & Administration in Bangladesh: The State of the Art Aminuzzaman, Salahuddin
Book Review Cravins, Georges G.
Volume 21 No.4 August, 1993
Title Author

Viability of Foreign Joint Venture Investments in the People's Republic of China:an Analysis in the Context of Incentives & Tax Laws

Arcelus, F. J. & Pilgrim, C. & Srinivasan, G.
The Press and National Security: Judicial Balancing in South Korea Youm, Kyu Ho
Burma's Iron Hands Towards Ethnic Minorities: The Rohingya Plight Ahsan, Syed Aziz-Al
Woman & Society: The Changing Status of Woman in Indo-Anglican Fiction Baral, K.C. & Naik, C.K.
Ganga Basin: Population Pressure & Environmental Deterioration between Narora-Kannauj (UP.) India Khan, Mohd. Ishrat Saeed
Insitutional Barriers to Exports of Manufactures from Bangladesh Islam, Sadequl
A Focus on Food and Nutrition in the Developing Countries Khanam, Rashida
Volume 21 No.5 October, 1993
Title Author
Volume 21 No.6 December, 1993
Title Author
Experimentation of the Sharecapital System & Economic Development in China Lin, Jun Z. & Xiaohui, Qu & Feng, Chen
Desertification in Hiroshi Nakamura's Treadmill Suzuki, Peter T.
Economic Transition in Bhutan: a Study on the Impact of Indo-Bhutan Trade & Economic Cooperations Adhikary, Prakash Chandra
Friends & Neighbours' Influence in Indian Elections:a Case Study of Rural Voting in the Sonepat Parliamentary Constituency (Haryana)1989 Dikshit, Ramesh Dutta & Singh Sachinder
The Elderly in Bangladesh Sattar, M.A. & Rahman, M. Mujibur
The Structural & Cultural Prerequisites of Democracy: Some Oberservations Chang, Pao-Min
Military Build-up in Saudi Arabia: A Quest for National Security Mannan, Abdul