Asian Profile Volume 20 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 20 No.1 February, 1992
Title Author
The Opportunities and Challenges of Foreign Banks in China Tai, Lawrence S.T.
Change Trend of Fishery Ownership Structure in Zhoushan Arohipelago, a Main Marine Fishery Region in China & Its Assoicated Inspirations Qianghua, Wang
Religion and the State in Japan: The Changing Climate Nefsky, Marilyn F.
The History & Role of Student Activism in the Republic of Korea: The Politics of Contestation & Conflict Resolution in Fledging Democracy Billet, Bret L.
Nehru's Vision of Women Jain, Pratibha & Mahan, Rajan
Geographical Analysis of Ago-Ecological Factors Influencing Tea Yield: A Case Study o Sri Lanka Mendis, Patrick
Knowledge and Perception of AIDS in Bangladesh: A Comparative Study Islam, M. Nurul & Jalil, M.M. Billah
Asian Navies in the Indian Ocean: Thoughts on the Effects of the Diffusion of Military Technology Bruce, Robert H.
Book Review Lide, Feng & Stuart, Kevin
Volume 20 No.2 April, 1992
Title Author
The Problem of Culture: The Clash between Gerontocrats & Paedocrats in the 1989 Spring Uprising in China Hartnett, Richard & Wang, Guilan
Cultural Influences and the Dynamics of Human Resource Management in China Jin, Putai
Industrial Relations in Hong Kong - Change & Development during Transitional Period Wong, Yui-Tim
War Widows in Postwar Japan Storm, Hiroko
The Political Force of the Military in the Philippines Samad, Paridah ABD.
Getting Down to Basics: The Vietnamese Economy in 1988 - The First Tests for the Reforms Stern, Lewis M.
Rural-Urban Commutation & Occupational Mobility: A Case Study of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, India Yadava, K.N.S & Singh, Shri Kant
Bangladesh at the Polls: Free and Fair Elections Ahsan, Syed Aziz-Al
Review Article Suzuki, Peter T.
Volume 20 No.3 June, 1992
Title Author
Agriculture in Xiachuankou Village, Minhe Hui & Tu Autonomous County, Qinhai Province, PR China Lide, Feng & Stuart, Kevin
The Im-O Coup in Regional Context Critchfield, Theodore M.
Female Hawkers in Malaysia: A Case Study Bakar, Noor Rahamah HJ.
India Burning Fundamentalism and the Politics of Caste Girdner, Eddie J.
Twelfth Constitutional Amendment: Bangladesh's Reversion to Parliamentary System Hakim, Muhammad A.
Book Review Mahan, Rajan
Volume 20 No.4 August, 1992
Title Author

China as a Member of the GATT: Historical and Contemporary Issues

Berkley, Gerald W.
Taiwan Turns ''East'': Trade between the Republic of China, the USSR, Eastern Europe, and Vietnam Selya, Roger Mark
Sokaiya Criminal Groups & the Conflict for Corporate Power in Postwar Japan Szymkowiak, Kenneth F.
Cultural Values and Ethnic Interaction in a Multiethnic Society Cheu, Hock-Tong
Explanations for Mortality and Fertility Decline in Himachal Pradesh, India Singh, Mohan
Preventive Detention - A Sinister Feature of the Constitution of Bangladesh Mohsin, A.F.M.
External Debt & Economic Growth: A New Framework & Some Evidence from Selected Countries in Asia & Pacific Chowdhury, Khorshed
Volume 20 No.5 October, 1992
Title Author
Yi Toegye on the Neo-confucian Learning of Principle and Mind: A ''Religious'' Way of Self-cultivation Chung, Edward Y.J.
A Model of Capital Flow for Hong Kong Preceding Its Change in Sovereinty by 1997 Yeung, David W.K. & Yeung, Lai-Yee & Yeung, Stella
The Political Implications of Macau's Draft Basic Law Hing, Lo Shiu
Inter-Korean Economic Cooperation: A Whale's Approach to a Whale of a Problem You, Jong Keun
The Integrated Rural Development Programme of Sri Lanka: A History and Assessment Delpachitra, Sarath & St Hill Rodney
India and the Indian Ocean in the 1990s Yadav, R.S.
Effects of Natural Hazard-Induced Displacement Upon Household Income in Rural Bangladesh Haque, C. Emdad
Volume 20 No.6 December, 1992
Title Author
''Empire'' or ''Dukedoms''? - A Study of Regional Industrial Structural Changes in China in the 1980s Su, Tieting
Japanese Elections for the House of Councillors, 1956-1992: Incumbency Advantage? Hayama, Akira
An Assessment of the Aquino Administration Ligeralde, Rica Melanie D.
Crime Against Person in India: A Spatial Perspective Deol, Gaganjot
Rural Development Programmes of Bangladesh: A Review Tarek, Muslehuddin Ahmad
Child Development in the Third World: Spatial Viewpoint Dubey, K.N.