Asian Profile Volume 17 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 17 No.1 February, 1989
Title Author
Indusrial Out-processiing--Hong Kong's New Relationship with the Pearl River Delta Sit, Victor F.S.
Indoctrination Versus Information: Chinese News Coverage of Polan, 1980-83 Roy, Denny
Transition to Democracy in South Korea Chung, Eun Sung
Sabah's Entry into Malyasia: The North Borneo Response Ongkili, James Francis
Evolution of Administraive Areas in Medieval India: with Special Reference to Punjab Kant, Surya
Mortality Level in Bangladesh: is it Declining? Kabir, M. & Uddin, M.Mosleh
British Sovereignty & the Princely States of South Asia, the Bhavnagar Retrocession, 1860-66 Rabitoy, Neil
Book Review Pollard, Vincent K.
Volume 17 No.2 April, 1989
Title Author
Remedy the Marxian ''Qualitative Leap'' with Confucian-Taoist Yin-Yang Dialectics Dow, Tsung-I
The Americanization of Higher Education in Korea Kim, Hyung-Chan
Human Rights and Freedom of Expression in Malaysia and the Philippines Lent, John A.
Determinants of Relative Wealth in Maldivian Fishing Villages Sathiendrakumar, R. & Tisdell, C.A.
The Linguistic Diversities of the Tribesmen of Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh: A Suggestive Language Planning Karim, A.H.M. Zehadul
Access to Land, Caste/ Ethnicity and Fertility in a Village in Rural Nepal Niraula, Bhanu Bhakta
Political Reform in Three Asian Polities Gripp, Richard C.
Book Review Wuliger, Robert
Volume 17 No.3 June, 1989
Title Author
The Development, Distribution and Envrionment of Sunflower Production in China Liu, Li & Ma, Yange
Chou Fan-yi: A Rebellious Victim Ang, Ah Choo
Talcott Parsons' Unpublished Wartime Study on the Japanese National Character Suzuki, Peter T.
The Re-Democratization of the Philippines Old Wine in a New Bottle Lapitan, A.E.
Trends in Regional Disparities in India Krishan, Gopal
Education Among the Hindu Castes of a Bangladesh Village Ali, A.F. Imam
Revolutionary Changes and Social Resistance in Afghanistan Akbar, Mansoor
Review Article Taher, Mohamed
Volume 17 No.4 August, 1989
Title Author

After Chiang, The ''Lee Teng-Hui Era'' - Political Development in Taiwan

Lee, Kuo-Wei
Population Changes in a Shandong Village between 1987 and 1988 in Mainland China Odend'hal, Stewart
The Characteristics of the Praetorian Military in South Korea, 1961-1979 Ro, Kwang H.
Correlates of Workers' Participation in Trande Unions:a Study of Union Structure, Socio-Economic & Demographic Characteristics of Workers Masilamani, Samuel & Haribabu Ejnavarzala
Land and Labor Productivity in Bangladesh Agriculture Dayal, Edison
Pakistan's Response to the Post-Zia Afghan Crisis Malik, Ahmad Rashid
Origins of the Modern University in South Asia: 1500 B.C. to 1000 A.D. Gamage, D. Thenuwara
Book Review Khondker, Habibul Haque
Volume 17 No.5 October, 1989
Title Author
Development of Taiwan's Youth Political Culture through Schools and the Media McBeath, Gerald A.
Undercurrents of Frustration & Roles of ''Gaiatsu'' in Japan:Emerging Division in Economic Strata & the Unification of Labor Movement Abe, Masatoshi A.
Lessons from Japan: Sources of Ideas for US Police Assistance to Indonesia Bruce, Robert H.
Blood Donars and Non-Donars: A Study of Singaporean Chinese Youths Laurence, Tan & Mehta, Subhash C.
Land Reclamation and Rural Transformation in Aligarh District - Some Projections Singh, Abha & Hashmi, S. Najmul Islam
Bio-Physiologic Interaction among Nutritional State, Breastfeeding, Maternal Fecundity & Childhood Survival in Developing Countries: Perspectives of Epidemiological Transition in Rural Bangladesh Choudhury, Ahmed F.H.
Afghanistan: A Study of the Turbulent 70s and 80s Shukla, Surinder K.
Book Review Sharma, S.K.
Volume 17 No.6 December, 1989
Title Author
Taiwan's Political Economy and the European Community Clark, Cal
Japan's Corporate "Miracle": Ideals and Realities at Home and Abroad Nester, William
The South Korean Model for Industrialization: Theory and Reality Sohng, Soong N.
Strategies for Management of Industrial Relations in India and Indonesia Sharma, Basu & Jain, Hem C.
Population Projections for India: 1981-2016 Singh, Mohan
Female Status as a Determinant of Contraceptive Use in Bangladesh Kabir, M. & Moslehuddin, M.
Review Article Hayat, Sikandar