Asian Profile Volume 16 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 16 No.1 February, 1988
Title Author
The Bifuracted World of the Chinese American Tom, Gail
A Comparative Study of the Fluvial Plain of the Shonai & Yahagi River in the Central Part of Japan Based on the Geomorphologic Land Classification Oya, Masahiko & Haruyama, Shigeko
From Deterrence to Dentent & Beyond: Some Private Thoughts on Korean Unification Kim, Hyung-Chan
Philippine Communism's Drive to Power Van Der Droef, Justus M.
Age at Marriage and Fertility: with Special Reference to India Singh, Mohan
Neutralization through Aseanization: A Wayout from Kampuchean Stalemate Mahmood-I-Elahi
Caste Clusters and Profiles: A Longitudinal Study of Social Distance Shanker, Prem
Book Reviews Wicks, P.C.
Volume 16 No.2 April, 1988
Title Author
Rice in the Shanxi-Shaanxi Loess Plateau of China: A Preliminary Report Lu, Jonathan J.
The Decline of Class Politics? Japanese Party Politics in Comparative Perspectives Hayama, Akira
Science and Development: Some Lessons from India and South Korea Khondker, Habibul Haque
The Vietnamese Communist Policy Toward the Overseas Chinese, 1983-1986 Stern, Lewis M.
Ethnic Nationalities, Education & Problems of National Integration in Pakistan Kazi, Aftab A.
Fertility in Bangladesh: Levels, Trends and Differentials Barkat-E-Khuda & Howlader, Sushil Ranjan
A Review on Geographic Thesis & Dissertation Researches on China from North America Universities: 1901-1985 Luk, Chiu-Ming
Book Review De Alwis, Dayarani Sushila
Volume 16 No.3 June, 1988
Title Author
The Study of Chinese State Administration: Paradigmatic Approaches Chow, King W.
Political and Corporate Group Interest in South Korea's Political Economy Kang, Peter K.
Psychographics of Working Women in Singapore Mehta, Subhash C. & Ng, Selina
The 1986 Malaysia General Election: An Analysis of the Campaign and Results Ho, Khai Leong
Revolutionary Process as an Approach to the Study of Indian Muslim Crisis in the Later Nineteen Thirties Hayat, Sikandar
Manpower Demand in Bangladesh Manufacturing Industries - A Preliminary Investigation Roy, Kilip Kumar
The Filipino Experience in the American University System Almirol, Edwin B.
Book Reviews Bagchi, Deipica
Volume 16 No.4 August, 1988
Title Author

Taiwan Under Chiang Kai-Shek's Era: 1945-1976

Cheng, Peter P.C.
Property Rights Approach to Chinese Agriculture Investment under Collectivization & the New Family Farm System Law-Ng, Glok Hong Jennifer
Understanding the Pre and Postwar Decision-Making Processes of Japan Malik, Ahmad Rashid
Tontine Operations in Malaysia Shanmugam, Bala
Education, Change & Development in the Third World: a Critical Review of Educational Reform in India Scrase, Timothy J.
Income Distribution in Rural Bangladesh: the Effect of Village Organization with Associated Improved Technology Alam, Jahangir
Review Article Huebnr, Jon W.
Volume 16 No.5 October, 1988
Title Author
China's Decision to Send Students to the West: the Making of ''Revolutionary'' Policy Leung, Edwin Pak-Wah
The Making of the Chinese Yankees: School Life of the Chinese Educational Mission Students in New England Leung, Edwin Pak-Wah
The Eagle's Shadow: Chinese Nationalism & American Education & the End of an Era Clausen, Edwin
Nationalism & Political Challenge: Chinese Students, American Education & the End of an Era Clausen, Edwin
The Sino-European Educational Missions, 1875-1886 Leibo, Steven A.
The First Chinese College Graduate in America Yung Wing & His Educational Experiences Leung, Edwin Pak-Wah
The United States & the Long-term Disposition of Taiwan in the Making of Peace with Japan,1950-52 Chang, Su-Ya
Volume 16 No.6 December, 1988
Title Author