Asian Profile Volume 15 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 15 No.1 February, 1987
Title Author
An Assessment of the Foreign Trade of People's Republic of China Since 1959 Tai, Lawrence S. T.
Chinese Communism & the Cold War, 1945-49 Huebner, Jon W.
Income Growth & Rising Regional Disparities in India Singh, Harbans
An Economic Hinterland, Geographically Disjointed & Lingua-Cultural Differences: Three Factors for the Disintegration of Pakistan & the Emergence of Bangladesh Karim, A.H.M. Zehadul
The Deputy Governor & Rural Development in Thailand Thomas, M Ladd & Bowornwathana, Bidhya
India, South Asia and SAARC Paranjpe, Shrikant
Labour Migration to the Middle-East: An Asian Perspective Chowdhury, Osman H.
Book Reviews Li, Kui Wai & Iqbal, Badar A.
Volume 15 No.2 April, 1987
Title Author
Elite Conflict Over the Treatment of Professional Intellectuals in the PRC 1957-1967 Franklin, Richard
The History, Policies & Social Impact of International Tourism in the People's Republic of China Lew, Alan A.
Housing in Japan: The Politics of the ''Rabbit Hutch'' Jain, Purnendra
Buddhism and Capitalism in Thailand Martellaro, Joseph A. & Charoenthaitawee, Kanoklada
Indian Urbanization 1971-81 Bala, Raj
Pakistan's Soviet Policy: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back Azmi, Muhammad R.
Taiwan Provincial and Local Political Decision-Makers: Taiwanization Lee, Kuo-Wei
Book Review Minnick, Wendell
Volume 15 No.3 June, 1987
Title Author
The Use of the Principle of Yin-Yang Dialectices as a Tool for Social Studies Dow, Tsung-I
Geographical Characteristics of Coast-Depositional Topographies in Japan Fukumoto, Hiroshi
Korea's Future Directions in the 1980's Kim, Young Jeh
A Socio-Geographic Analysis of Female Participation in Labour Force in Urban India: Madhya Pradesh as an Example Raju, Saraswati
The Vietnamese Communist Party During 1984 & 1985: Economic Crisis Management, Organizational Reform & Planning for the Sixth National Party Congress Stern, Lewis M.
Japan-United States Industrial Competition Kim, Youn-Suk
Book Review Li, Kui Wai
Volume 15 No.4 August, 1987
Title Author

Conceptions of Human Development & of Education in Modern China:Mao Zedong Compared to Present-day Leaders

Zhuang, Jiaying
Taiwan's Political Economic Development in the Eighties: Study of Structural Transitions Shih, Chih-Yu
An Applied Geomorphology Study on the Relationship between Geomorphology & Floodling in the Ichinoseki Plain of the Kitakami River Basin in Northeastern District of Japan Uchida, Kazuko & Oya, Masahiko
Land Settlement Processes in Southeast Asia Historical Foundations, Discontinuities, & Problems De Koninck, Ronald & Mctaggart, W. Donald
Occupational Mobility among the Muslim Castes in a Bangladesh Village Ali, A.F. Imam
Indian Women Unionism: Perspectives Constraints & Consequences Sharan, Raka
Power Profile of Asia Dubey, K.N.
Book Review Winters, Clyde Ahmad
Volume 15 No.5 October, 1987
Title Author
Political Succession in the People's Republic of China: Politics & Implication of Cadre Assessment (1949-1984) Chow, King W.
JINJI (The Human Condition) in the Wartime Camp Poetry of the Japanese Americans Suzuki, Peter T.
Spatial Quality & Development Level of Administrative Areas: A Case Study of Indian Punjab Kant, Surya
Whose is South Talpatty Island? Rahman, M. Habibur
Politics of Islamization: The Ideological Debate on Pakistan's Political System Shafqat, Saeed
Semi-Feudal Production Relations & Dependent Capitalist Development: the Case of Bangladesh Chowdhury, Anisuzzaman
Personal Values and Consumer Behaviour: a Study of Singaporean Chinese Youths Mehta, Subhash C. & Laurence, Y.C. Tan
Educaton & Leadership in an Agricultural Resettlement Scheme: a Sri Lankan Experience De Alwis, Dayarani Sushila
Book Review Huebner, Jon W.
Volume 15 No.6 December, 1987
Title Author