Asian Profile Volume 14 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 14 No.1 February, 1986
Title Author
The Impact of Changing US-China Policies on Chinese-Americans Wong, Bernard
The Relationship between Economic Development & Social Equality inJapan, Korea & Taiwan: A Comparative Analysis Using Regression Models Tai, Chong-Soo
A Geomorphological Study of the Cavernous Rock Surfaces in Some Subtropical Regions Wong, Julian
Independence Corroded: Twilight in Djakarta Revisited Wicks, Peter
Enlighted Cold Warrior: Chester Bowles as Advocate for Foreign Aid to India, 1953-1958 Lazarowitz, A.
An Analytical Study of the Balance of Payments of the G.C.C. Countries 1979-1983 Al-Habib, F.I. & Metwally, M.M.
Time Series Analysis & Forecasts of Inflation in a Developing Economy Alam, A.K.M. Shamsul
Book Review Sharma, S.K.
Volume 14 No.2 April, 19876
Title Author
Mao Zedong's Policy Regarding the Rich Peasants: 1930-52 Lam, Lai Sing
Portrait of a China Reporter: Anna Louise Strong & the Chinese Revolution, 1925-1958 Tien, Joseleyne Slade
Environmental Adaptation in Hong Kong Public Enterprises Mushkat, Miron & Roberts, Elfed V.
Social Factors of Japanese Industrial Policy Kim, Youn-Suk
The Nemesis of American Agricultural Policy in the Philippines: From the Friar Lands to the Hardie Report:An Overview Hunt, Chester L.
Regional Disparities in Levels of Living Standard in India: An Integrated Approach Singh, Jasbir & Sharma, Rattan Lal, Dhillon, Sher Singh
On Incongruity Between Economic & Social Development: A Case Study of the Indian Punjab Krishan, Gopal
A New Look at the Dynamics of Social an Political Structure in Rural Bangladesh Alam, Nurul S.M.
Health Problems in Nepal: With Special Reference to Infant and Child Health Gubhaju, Bhakta B.
The Naxalabari Uprising: The Cultural Variables Fornaro, Robert J.
Review Article Kowalewski, David
Volume 14 No.3 June, 1986
Title Author
Geographic Perspectives of China's Contemporary Free Markets Salisbury, Howard G. & Swarts, Stanley W.
More than a Bookmark: Eisai the Thinker Gray, Wallace
The 1965 Gestapu Affair and its Aftermath: a Reconstruction Bilbeer, S.
Migration to Indian Cities Gill, Mehar Singh & Singh, Mohan
Differentials in Intermediate Fertility Variables in Four Muslim Populations Ahmad, Sultan
Labour Use in Rice Cultivation: a Case Study of a Bangladesh Village Barkat-E-Khuda
Community-Oriented Forms of Education in the Third World: its Ideology & Practice Alladin, Aisha B. & Alladin, Ibrahim
Asian Strikes against Transnationals: Characteristics and Consequences Kowalewski, David
Book Reviews Winters, Clyde Ahmad & Huebner, Jon W.
Volume 14 No.4 August, 1986
Title Author

Redirection of the Chinese Family: Ramifications of Minimal Reproduction

Tien, H. Yuan
Dropping the A-Bomb in Retrospect Levine, Alan J.
Fiscal Policy Dilemmas Facing ASEAN Asher, Mukul G.
Loy Henderson as Truman's Ambassador or India Gupta, Surendra K.
The Settlement of Refugees: A Riddle for Pakistan and Bangladesh Rahman, S.M.H.
Education, Ethnicity and Political Socialization in Pakistan Kazi, Aftab A.
Gulf Co-operation Council: An Economic Grouping or Security Alliance? Jha, Ajay N.
The Iconography of Sanctity: The Dialectic of Code and Message in West and East Cassidy, Jillian & Adshead, S.A.M.
Review Article Khondker, H. H.
Volume 14 No.5 October, 1986
Title Author
The Responsibility System and Its Economic Impact on Rural China Jan, George P.
The Unequal Treaties and United States Policy in China, 1842-68 Huebner, Jon W.
Women's Education in a Men's World: A Comparison Between Japan and Bengal in the 19th Century Jahan, Mehraj & Khondker, Habibul Haque
Rural Credit Agencies in India - Prior to Setting Up of Regional Rural Banks Vaishnaw, B.L.
India's Northern Security and the Himalayan States Tiwari, Chitra K.
Elections Industry and the ASEAN Chandra, M. & Satpute, Chhaya
Policy Options for Managing Energy Demand in Pakistan Iqbal, Mahmood
Paramilitary Police as Political Resources in Civil-Military Crises: The Mobile Brigade Between Sukarno & the Army in Indonesia Bruce, Robert H.
Book Review Li, Kui'wai
Volume 14 No.6 December, 1986
Title Author
From Prohibition to Protection: Ching Government's Changing Policy Toward Chinese Emigration Leung, Edwin Pak-Wah
Press Freedom as Tokenism in China's Media System- An Analysis of Mao's Communication Theories Cheng, Philip H.
A Review of the History of the Japanese Agricultural Economy & Its Relationship to Present Industrial Development Myung, Park Moon
Language and National Cohesion in Malaysia Ting, Martina & Leng, Lee Yong
Vietnamese Communist Policies Toward the Overseas Chinese during Regime Consolidations & Socialist Transformation, 1955-1960 Stern, Lewis M.
From Confrontation to Cooperation: Emerging Regionalism in South Asia Mahmood-i-Elahi
Factors Affecting Community Leaders' Participation in the Family Planning Programs of Bangladesh Mahmood-i-Elahi & Moslehuddin, M. & Kabir, M.
Chinese in Timmins, Canada, 1915-1950: A Study of Ethnic Stereotypes in the Press Chan, Kwok B. & Lam, Lawrence
Book Reviews Kim, Youn-Suk & Huebner, Jon W.