Asian Profile Volume 13 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 13 No.1 February, 1985
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Volume 13 No.2 April, 1985
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Japan Hand Meets Schoolmen: Sir George Sansom's Advice to the First United States Education Mission to Japan, Feb 20, 1946 Beauchamp, Edward R.
The Publication of Bengali Newspapers: A Historical Perspective Khan, Mofakhkhar Hussan
Some Patterns of Ethnic Relations in Malaysia Daud, Fatimah
Women in Calcutta Slums Chakravarti, Bhaskar & Suranjan Das
Income Inequality, Poverty & Socioeconomic Development in Indonesia: An Empirical Investigation Islam, Iyanatul & Khan, Habibullah
Family Planning in Bangladesh Barkat-E-Khuda
The Mobius Factor in Kobo Abe's The Woman in the Dunes Buckstead, Richard
Book Reviews Sharma, S.K. & Huebner, John W.
Volume 13 No.3 June, 1985
Title Author
The Americanization of the Taiwan Straits Huebner, Jon W.
Western Views on the Japanese Expedition to Formosa in 1874 Falt, Olavi K.
Kampuchea: The Road to Finlandization 1983 Van Der Kroef, Justus M.
Husband's Occupation and Marital Fertil in Four Muslim Populations Ahmad, Sultan
Preliminary Estimates of Fertility Decline in Bangladesh Kabir, M. & Uddin, M. Mosleh & Chowdhury, Mazeda Husain
What Accounts for the Varying Growth Rates in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, 1950-1980? Krislov, Joseph & Stroup, Robert H.
Spiritual Growth in the Fiction of R.K. Narayan Atkinson, David W.
Book Reviews Barraclough, Simon
Volume 13 No.4 August, 1985
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Normalization and Subsequent Sino-American Economic Relations

Martellaro, Joseph A.
Japan's Middle East Diplomacy Lang, David C.K.
The Development of Modern Public Transport System in Singapore: An Historical Analysis Razzaque, Mohammed Abdur
Distribution and Density of Population in India, 1981 Chandna, R.C. & Kant, Surya
The Early Political Philosophy of M.K. Gandhi, 1869-1893 Cribb, R.B.
Agricultural Development and Fertility Transition in Rural Bangladesh: Some Evidence Barkat-E-Khuda
Money-Price Nexus: An Empirical Investigation (1960-61 to 1979-80) Menra, Naresh Kumar
Book Reviews Lee, Kou-wei & Winters, Clyde Ahmad, & Liao, Kuang-Sheng
Volume 13 No.5 October, 1985
Title Author
Chinese Relations with the Oil Producing States Winters, Clyde Ahmad
Exclusion and Acceptance of Filipinos in America Almirol, Edwin B.
A Regional Analysis of Population Mobility in India Singh, J.P.
An Analysis of Seed-Fertilizer Technology and Rural Poverty of Bangladesh Wahid, Abu N.M.
Conditions of Fertility Decline in Developing Countries: 1960-1980 Chowdhury, Osman Haider
The Enigmatic Sri Ramakrishna & the Meta-Phenomenological Dimension of Religion Sahadat, John
Book Review Merchant, Vasant V.
Volume 13 No.6 December, 1985
Title Author
The Chinese Dispora Sidhu, Manjit S.
Malaysia's ''Look East'' Policy Suzuki, Takahiro & Cummings, William K.
Indo-American Relations in the 1980's: A Theoretical Perspective Sharma, S.K.
The Ethnic Tangle in Sri Lanka Mohan, V.
Age at Marriage and Fertility in a Rural Area of Bangladesh Barkat-E-Khuda
The Modernising Traditional Leader Roth, David F.
Underemployment, Slow Motion & Ex-Efficiency: A Critique of Folke Dovring Ghosh, B.N.
Book Reviews Winters, Clyde Ahmad & Huebner, Jon W.