Asian Profile Volume 12 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 12 No.1 February, 1984
Title Author
US-Philippine Relations in the Context of the Aquino Assassination Salonga, Jovito R.
Distant Neighbours: Japan and Korea in the Early 1980's Bridges, Brian
Timoteo S. Oracion: A Pioneer in Philippine Anthropology Zamora, Mario D.
How a Self-Reliant Development Model for Bangladesh? Guha, Amalendu
Know Your Opponents: Know Yourself": A Comparative Study of the Criminal Legal Systems of the USA & the People's Republic of China Fritz, Karri L.
Punjab Problem: A Study of Resultant Forces Rana, Sangram Singh
Resettlement Patterns & Sociocultural Adaptation Among Vietnamese Refugees in Norway Knudsen, John Chr.
Book Reviews Ramos, Bonifacio & Zamora, Mario D.
Volume 12 No.2 April, 1984
Title Author
The Metamorphosis of the Chinese Salt Administration: Institutions and Images 1930-1960 Vine, Katherine
China a Colony of Egypt: An Eighteenth Century Controversy Adshead, S.A.M.
Reflections on Chinese Despotism and the Power of the Inner Court Soulliere, Ellen F.
The Sino-Soviet Border Leong, Sow-Theng
An Anglo-Japanese Combined Fleet? Bennett, Neville
Festival and Community in a Philippine Municipality Flores-Meiser, Enya
Fatalism? Indian Responses to Plague and Other Crises Catanach, I. J.
Book Reviews Perry, Glenn E. & Barraclough, Simon
Volume 12 No.3 June, 1984
Title Author
Shifts in Wang Ching-wei's Japan Policy During the Kuomintang Factional Struggle of 1931-1932 Jordan, Donald A.
Development, Underdevelopment and Degeneration: The Introduction of Rail Transport into Honan Wou, Odoric Y.K.
Death Orientation in Japan's Religio-Moral Values Fuse, Toyomasa
Factors Affecting Modernization of Agriculture in India Dayal, Edison
Israeli Jewish Settlements in the West Bank, 1967-1980 Nijim, Basheer K.
The Arab System and Its Erosion Perry, Glenn E.
The PLO and the Rabat Summit Olson, Robert
Book Reviews Lougheed, A.L. & Peachy, William S.
Volume 12 No.4 August, 1984
Title Author
Warlordism in Anhui Frean, Nicola
A Quest for Korean Unification a la Austria of 1955 Kwang, In K.
The Emergence of Malyaysian Tranational Corporations in the 1970's Lim, Mah-Hui
The Essence & Evanescence of Dravidian Kinship System (As observed in a particular caste of Telugu-speaking area) Reddy, N. Subra
Growing Regionalism in India: A Theoretical Study Kumar, Pradeep
Towards Appropriate Communications Research: A Critical Appraisal Alam, Sultana
Book Review Tobin, Joseph Jay
Volume 12 No.5 October, 1984
Title Author
Early Years of Medical Missionary Work in the Canadian Presbyterian Mission in North Honan, China, 1887-1900: Healing the Heathens and the Missionaries New, Peter Kong-Ming & Cheung, Yuet-Wah
The Inevitable Defense of Japan Burks, Ardath W.
The Foundations of English Language Teaching in Japan Henrichsen, Lynn E.
The Problem of Japanese-Sovient Relations: Japan's Northern Territories Murai, Tomohide
Common Imprints on the Landscapes of Japan and America: Invention or Diffusion? Kornhauser, David H.
Indonesian Crisis of 1948-1949: A Study in Great Power Diplomacy & India's Relations with Moscow & Washington Gupta, Surendra K.
The First Japanese Government Officials Sent to Micronesia, 1884-85 Nakajima, Hiroshi
Scholarly Resources on Soviet Far East Polansky, Patricia
Critical Issues in the Future of the Asia-Pacific Region: An Overview Murray, Douglas P.
Volume 12 No.6 December, 1984
Title Author
Is Mao's Theory of the Three Worlds Heavily Influenced by the Yin-Yang Principle? Yu, Peter K.H.
Foreign Trade and Economic Growth of the Republic of Korea Kang, Cheul W.
Regional Economic Cooperation: A Strategy for Economic Development in the South & Southeast Asia Region Aggarwal, Mangat Ram
Patterns of Political Development in Pakistan, Malaysia & India: a Comparative Study of the Imapct of Institutional Variables on National Integration/Disintegration in Developing Polities Hasan, Ashraful
Failure in State Building: The Case of Pakistan Islam, Safiqul
Development of Rural Industries in Bangladesh: Why and How? Reza, Sadrel
The Organization and Operation of the Sri Lankan Open University Model Gamage, D. Thenuwara