Asian Profile Volume 11 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 11 No.1 February, 1983
Title Author
Prospects for China's Economic Development Kim, Young Jeh
China's Economic Development: Dialectics of Its Strategies Jain, B.M.
The Other Side of Post-Mao Chinese Economy - First Hand Experience of a British Economist Liu, William H.
Recent Changes in the Chinese Communes & Political-Economic Development in Rural China Jan, George P.
China's Socialist Commodity Economy and Society: Where is it Heading? Lo, Miriam K. K.
Is China Moving Away from Maoist Dogma Toward More Moderate Socialism? Chen, David H. H.
Petroleum in China's Offshore Meyerhoff, A. A.
Volume 11 No.2 April, 1983
Title Author
Rice (Oryza Sativa) in Southern Shaanxi: The People's Republic of China Lu, Jonathan J.
Japan's Asean Gaiko: A Reassessment Lang, David Chiang-Kau
Statistical Technique for Agricultural Regionalization-A New Approach (India: A Case Study) Singh, Jasbir & Dhillon, Sher Singh
Population Versus Economic Activity: Perspectives on Temporal Changes & Regional Disparities in Bangladesh Haque, Chowdhury Emadadul
Hindu Religious Reformers as Feminists: Paradox or Hypocrisy? Sharma, Arvind
Chinese Secret Societies in the Straits Settlements Rajendra, N.
Technology and Non-Alignment Sarbadhikar, Pradip
Book Reviews Sim, Yawsoon & Winters Clyde-Ahmad
Volume 11 No.3 June, 1983
Title Author
The Meaning of Confucian Work Ethic as the Source of Japan's Economic Power Dow, Tsung-I
Southeast Asian Chinese in China's Foreign and Domestic Policy McBeath, Gerald A.
Rural Elites in Modernizing Societies: Bangladesh and India Zaman, M.Q.
The Rise of Entrepreneurship and Capital in the Indian Sub-Continent 1850-1900 Roy, K.C.
Infrastructure for a Stable White Revolution in India Kataria, M. S.
Sikhs in Peninsular Malaysia: Their Distribution and Occupations Sidhu, Manjit S.
Meredith and Tanizaki on Modern Love Berry, Margaret
Book Reviews Lang, David Chiang-Kau & Zamora, Mario D.
Volume 11 No.4 August, 1983
Title Author
The Cultural Revolution Against the Chinese Bureaucracy: An Ideological Structural Analysis Shenkar, Oded
Financing the New Army: Yuan Shihkai and the Peiyang Army, 1895-1907 Wou, Odoric Y.K.
Life and Adventure in Japan: E. Warren Clark's Educational & Religious Mission of the Early 1870's Metraux, Daniel Alfred
Urbanization Patterns of India at the Turn of Twentieth Century Bala, Raj
The Role of Military in Bangladesh and Pakistan: A Comparative Study Zaman, Habiba
Ideological Patterns and Political Violence in Southeast Asia Van Der Kroef, Justus M.
Patterns of Relationship between Land and Resources and Population in Bhutan Bladen, W.A.
Book Reviews Lawless, Robert & Zamora, Mario D. & Roy, Dhanobroto
Volume 11 No.5 October, 1983
Title Author
Elite Conflict over Educational Enrollment & School Management Policy in the People's Republic of China, 1957-1979 Franklin, Richard K.
The Position of Hong Kong on International Scales of Socioeconomic Development Khan, Habibullah & Zerby, John Alton
The United States and Japan: Questioning the Security Consensus Peritz, Rene
Heyday of the Indian Studio System: the 1930s Lent, John A.
Bangladesh-United States Realtions: The First Decade Hossain, Ishtiaq
Belief System, Culture, & National Integration of Korea Park, Han S.
The Anatomy & Physiology of Authoritarian Regimes: South Korea & the Philippines from 1972 to 1982 Ahsan, Syed Azez-Al
Transmarine Convicts in the Straits Settlements Rajendra, N.
Book Reviews Leung, Frankie & Iqbal Badar A.
Volume 11 No.6 December, 1983
Title Author
China's Quest from the West: The Chinese Educational Mission to the United States, 1872-1881 Leung, Edwin Pak-Wah
Locational Orientation of Foreign Owned Industry in Taiwan Selya, Roger Mark
US Relations with Japan: Policy Approaches for a Troubled Alliance Sutter, Robert G.
Gandhi and the Concept of Non-Violent Hero Jain, Pratibha
Political Leadership and Social Forces in the Process of Korean Unification Kim, Young Jeh
The Structural Influence of International System upon the Korean Conflict: In the Case of the 1970's Baek, Jong-Chun
Patron-Client Relations: The Dynamics of Political Action Zaman, M.Q.
Book Reviews Middleton, Stephen & Perry, Eleanor H.