Asian Profile Volume 10 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 10 No.1 February, 1982
Title Author
US Attempts to Resurrect the Surrogate Model in the Persian Gulf Muttam, John
Towards An Improved Rural Transport Strategy: The Needs & Problems of Remote Third World Communities Leinbach, Thomas R.
Geopolitical & Geostrategic Importance of the Superpower Rivalry in the Indian Ocean Sukhwal, Bheru L.
Forms of Space Organization in Buleleng, North Bali Mctaggart, W. Donald
Indonesian & American Students' Judgements of Christian Mission Efforts Thomas, R. Murray & Syah, Anwar
Sons of the Sun: The Solar Genealogy of a Chola King Spencer, George W.
The Mahaweli Development Project: An Economic Disaster? Huque, Ahmed Shafiqul
Book Reviews Zamora, Mario D.
Volume 10 No.2 April, 1982
Title Author
The Guomindang's Three Parts Military and Seven Parts Politics Policy Wei, William
The Trend of Research on Educational Reform under the American Occupation of Japan with Particular Reference to Doctoral Dissertations in the US Tsuchimochi, Gary H.
Some Methodological Components in the Study of Transformations of Rural Settlements in India: A Stage Model Mann, R.S.
Assam Problem: A Geo-Political Analysis Chib, Sukhdev Singh
The Rationale for Korean Reunification via Permanent Neutralization of the Entire Korean Peninsula Hwang, IN K.
Initiating a Population Revolution in Thailand: Politics, Bureaucracy, and Social Change Krannich, Ronald & Krannich, Caryl Rae
Societal Change in Southeast Asia Ro, Kwang H.
Book Reviews Thomas, R. Murray
Volume 10 No.3 June, 1982
Title Author
The American Revolution & the Rise of Afro-Asian Nationalism; with Special Reference to Sun Yat-sen & the Chinese Experience Chan, F. Gilbert
Japan's 1981 Cabinet Reshuffle Flectcher, M.D.
Territorial Politics and National Development in Pakistan (1947-1969) Rahim, Aminur
Population Aging in Developing Countries: A Spatio-Temporal Case Study of Peninsular Malaysia, 1957-1970 Chan, Kok Eng
Indonesia: The Renewal of Population Education Program Gnanarajah, R.A. & Kelabora, L.
Technology and Western ''Domination'' of Asia; Coming Full Circle? Kemasang, A.R.T.
Book Reviews Thomas, Murray R. & Kuczewski, Andre
Volume 10 No.4 August, 1982
Title Author
The Growing Population of India: A Spatio-Temporal View-Point Abuzar, Mohammad
A Typological Study of the State Functionaries under the Mughals Ahmed, Syed Giasuddin
The Confucian Concept of a Nation and Its Historical Practice Dow, Tsung-I
Naitonal Power and Southeast Asia in Japanese International Image: An Exploration Nitz, Kyoko K.
Bridging the Cultural Gap: John Russell Young, Minister ot China, 1882-1885, as a Case Study Siu, Victoria M.
Factionalism and Its Impact on Self-Help Village Development in Bangladesh Zaman, M.Q.
Book Reviews Kuczewski, Andre & Zamora, Mario D.
Volume 10 No.5 October, 1982
Title Author
Chinese Language Policy and the Muslim Minorities of Xinjiang Winters, Clyde-Ahmad
Social Roots of Chinese Emigration to the New World Chan, Anthony B.
Social Group Representation in the Hong Kong Administrative Class Mushkat, Miron
Success and Failure in Japanese Modernization Otsuka, Katsuo
Chinese Labourers in Early Straits Settlements Rajendra, N.
Determinants of Attitudes Toward the Political System: The Case of North Indian Youths Malik, Yogendra K.
A Paradigm of Religious Consciousness in Indian Nationalism Sahadat, John
Kawabata's One Arm: The Woman and the Circle Buckstead, Richard C.
Review Article Kuczewski, Andre G.
Volume 10 No.6 December, 1982
Title Author
Ching Business: A Structural Element and a Model Adshead, S.A.M.
A European View on the Relationship between Japan's Economic Development & Her Export-led Growth Strategy Mattews, Ron G.
Constitutional Amendments: India's Quest for Socio-Economic Change Sood, P.
On Measuring Poverty: The Case of Punjab Ghosh, B.N.
Order in Asia: India's Attempts at Crisis Resolution Paranjpe, Shrikant
Gherao Movement: A Post Liberation Industrial Experiences in Bangladesh Razzaque, Mohammed A.
Prenatal Health Care Use in Rural Communities, Korea: A Causal Model Suh, Kitack
The Socioeconomic Positions of ASEAN Countries in the Third World Khan, Habibullah & Zerby, John Albert
Review Article Kuczewski, Andre G.