Asian Profile Volume 9 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 9 No.1 February, 1981
Title Author
Marx, Mao & the Question of Legitimacy Smolensky, Ira
The Japanese in Trinidad: A Report on Japanese Behavior Beyond the Asian Region Braveboy-Wagner, J.A.
The Political Economy of Development: East Asian Experience Kihl, Young Whan
Dowry System in India: a Study of Bengalee Hindu Community Chakratarti, Tridib
Tilak and the Muslims: A Reassessment Rao, Vasant D.
Nature of the Cold War Ju, Jung Woo
Mirror Symbolism in Kawabata's ''The Moon on the Water'' Buckstead, Richard C.
Book Review Suleski, Ronad
Volume 9 No.2 April, 1981
Title Author
Issues and Strategies of Self-Reliance in South Asia Guha, Amalendu
Approaching Rural Self-Reliance in India: a Study in Dimensions and Perspectives Bag, Dulal
Development through Disarmament: Perspectives for Third World's Self-Reliance. Case Reference of Bangladesh Khan, Shajahan
Self-Reliance for the Rual Poor: Need for Organizational Innovations Ray, Jayanta Kumar
Indigenous Technology and Pakistan's Rural Self-Reliance Khan, M.Farooq
Rural India's Development: Some Field Obervations Etienne, Gilbert
Development from Below: Development Alternative for Bangladesh Islam, Rafiqul
Volume 9 No.3 June, 1981
Title Author
The Myth of Two Chinas: An Agricultural Perspective Calkins, Peter H.
Has the Value of Confucius' Teaching Faded? Chen, David H. H.
Political Protest in Postwar Japan Kowalewski, David
An Anatomical Study of India - US Aid Relations Jain, B.M.
Indonesian City Administration 1906-1959: Balancing Authority and Responsibility Smith, Russ
Residence, Life Cycle Stage and Household Extension in the Philippines Stinner, William F. & Bacol-Montilla, Melinda
Export Performance of Bangladesh During the 1970s: A Note Reza, Sadrel
Book Review Kuczewski, Andre G.
Volume 9 No.4 August, 1981
Title Author
The Chinese in Sydney: From China town to Suburbia Connell, John & Ip, Angela
A Comparative Study of Socioeconomic Development: Asia Khan, Habibullah
Urbanization Regions of India Bala, Raj
Allocative Efficiency of Resources in Irrigated Agriculture: Certain Results form the Command Area Under Mahi-Kadana Irrigation Project in Gujarat State, India Jayaraman, T.K.
Natsume Soseki's Unique Intellectual Perceptions on Individualism Hwang, In K.
District Development, The New Economic Zones, Cooperativization & South Vietnam's New Economic Policies of 1979 Stern, Lewis M.
The Origins of Agriculture Dhillon, S. S.
Book Reviews Zamora, Mario D. & Wells, Raymond J.G., & Eng, Chan Kok
Volume 9 No.5 October, 1981
Title Author
Charismatic Leadership in Modern Asia: Mao, Gandhi, and Khomeini Merriam, Allen H.
Education and Political Socialization in Pre-Communist China: The Goals of San Min Chu-i Education Yip, Ka-Che
A Study of the Literary Quotation of Chi Pai-shih's Seal Inscriptions & Some Insights into his Outlook of Life Sun, Teresa Chi-Ching
The Sino-Soviet Rivalry on the Indian Subcontinent, 1960-1976 Lin, Chiang C.
Regional Approach to National Planning: A Case of Bangladesh Paul, Bimal Kanti
Innovations in Village Government in Bangladesh Khan, Mohammad Mohabbat & Zafarullah, Habib Mohammad
Socio-Economic Development, Ethno-Linguistic Ties & Presidential Election Voting in the Pre-Martial Law Philippines Tate, C. Neal
The Emergence and Development of the Korean Stock Markets Kim, David J.
Book Review Kim, Young Jeh
Volume 9 No.6 December, 1981
Title Author
Foreign Capitalism & Chinese Rural Industry: A Re-examination of the Destruction Thesis So, Alvin Yiu-Cheong
Competing Claims in the South China Sea Van Der Kroef, Justus M.
The Cambodian Non-communist Opposition in the Present Impasse: A Diagnosis and a Proposal Kershaw, Roger
Salinization & Waterlogging in the Upper Indus Plain (Punjab) During the Early Colonial Period: 1850-1900 AD: A Problem of the Past Neglects Siddiqi, Akhtar Husain
ROK's New Outlook: The End of Authoritarianism? Kim, Young Jeh
The Philippine Revolution: The Rocky Path to Independence, 1896-1899 Oades, Rizalino A.
Review Article Suleski, Ronald