Asian Profile Volume 8 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 8 No.1 February, 1980
Title Author
The Hua-Deng Coalition: the Beginning of a New Leaderhsip Style? Yee, Herbert S.
Revolutionary Leadership in Transition: Sun Yat-Sen and His Commardes, 1905-1925 Chan, Gilbert F.
Sino-Indonesian relations 1905-1967 and Its Future? Nadesan, Alexander
US-Korean Relations, 1945-1947 Park, Hong-Kyu
Food Production and Population Growth in Bangladesh Noble, Allen G. & Dutt, Ashok K. & Rahman, Abu
Methodological Problems in the Study of Political Attitudes of Ethnics: The Chinese in the Philippines Pacho, Arturo G.
Book Reviews Chang, Arnold & Lawless, Robert
Volume 8 No.2 April, 1980
Title Author
China's Petroleum Industry-Geology, Reserves, Technology, and Policies Meyerhoff, A.A. & Willums, Jan-Olaf
The Pacific Order and China Attitude Lee, Sang-Chul
India-Which Way? Peaceful Revolution or Populist Evolution? Guha, Amalendu
Non-Agricultural Workers in Rural India Krishan, Gopal
Natural Gas in Indonesia Bee, Ooi Jin
The Cambodian Conflict in Southeast Asia's Strategic Considerations Van Der Kroef, Justus M.
Book Reviews Zamora, M.D. & Roy, Dhanobroto & Lee, Sang-Chul
Volume 8 No.3 June, 1980
Title Author
Heavy Rainfall in Monsoon Asia Kawamura, Takeshi
Landslide Disasters in the Mountain Districts of Japan and Asia Nakamura, Saburo
Features of Flooding in the Plain of Japan-Laying Stress on the Relationship between Landform & Flooding Oya, Masahiko
A Study of Features of the River, Flooding & Plains in SE & E. Asia Based on Cross-Sections of the Rivers & Plains Oya, Masahiko
Geomorphological Consideration on Site Conditions of Soil Liquefaction Caused by Earthquake Wakamatsu, Kazue
Volume 8 No.4 August, 1980
Title Author
Protonationalism in China, 1874-1890: The Institutional Reformers Lyon, Judson M.
The Mutsu Malaise: Another Affliction of Japan's Nuclear Allergy? Ruidl, Richard A.
Japan & the Third World: A Study of the Changing Attitudes of Japanese Businessmen Towards Developing Countries & Peoples Braveboy-Wagner, J.A.& Volgy, Thomas J.
Some Aspects of Rice Production in Bangladesh Islam, Tariq Saiful
Economic Philosophy in Pakistani Development Rashid, Jamil
Government Procurement of Paddy/ Rice & Farmers' Participation in Bangladesh Quasem, Md. Abul
A Review of Marine Fisheries Development and Management Strategies in Peninsular Malaysia Wells, R.J.G.
Book Reviews Zamora, Mario D. & Chakrabarti, Tridib & Pullapilly, Cyriac K.
Volume 8 No.5 October, 1980
Title Author
Asian Agriculture: A Decade of Failure Peacock, Frank
The Age and Sex Composition of Chinese-Americans: Recent Trends Chang, Pao-Min
Trends in Japan's Import Diversification: Some Quantitative Evidence Tai, C.S.
Bangladesh: Prospects & Possibilities Alam, Muhammad Badiul
The Attitudes of Korean Peasant Women Keim, Willard D.
Robert L. Morant: British Meddler in Siamese Foreign Affairs, 1886-1894 Smith, Herbert B.
Urban Growth & Urbanization in Least-developed Countries: The Experience of Nepal, 1952-71 Conway, Dennis & Shrestha, Nanda
Review Article Fritz, Karri & Zamora, Mario D.
Volume 8 No.6 December, 1980
Title Author
The Ebbing of the Overseas Tide: Fujian, the Philippines and the Rise of the PRC Guldin, Gregory E.
China's Compatability Within a Comparative Foreign Policy Framework Handelman, John R.
Jamshedpur and Its Regional Impact Vishwakarma, Y. B.
A Note on Price Behaviour in Nepal: 1965-1975 Jayaraman, T.K.
The Great Powers in Southeast Asia Tayyeb, Muhammed A.
Dispute Settlement, the Emerging Law of the Sea, and East Asian Maritime Boundary Conflicts Feeney, William R.
Christianity, Shinto and Science Sharma, Arvind
Book Reviews Walker III, William T. & Chakrabarti, Tridib