Asian Profile Volume 7 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 7 No.1 February, 1979
Title Author
A Perspective of US-China Relations Since the Shanghai Communique Worden, Robert L.
Muslim Politics in Kerala Pillai, K. Raman
Linkages between Revolution and Change in Korea Tai, Chong-Soo
Modern Burma: National Development, Problems and Perspectives Chen, David H. H.
A Historical Review of Industrial Development Policy in Sri Lanka Karunaratne, Neil Dias
The Fertility of a Low-Income Urban Population in Southeast Asia Ulack, Richard
Authoritarianism, Egalitarianism, and Syncretism: The Philippines and Mexico Zamora, Mario D. & Hillock, Laura
Book Reviews Entessar, Nader & Krausse, Gerald H. & Winters, Clyde-Ahmad
Volume 7 No.2 April, 1979
Title Author
Mao Tse-Tung and Marxism Dow, Tsung-I
Health Care Need of the Elderly Chinese in Los Angeles - With a Socio-Cultural Orientation Lee, Isaiah C.
Ramayana and Narayana: Epic Transformed Berry, Margaret
Perceptions of Discrimination Among Overseas Indians in America: An Empirical Study Mohapatra, Manindra Kumar
Two Koreas in the Changing World Park, Han S.
Thai Economy at the Close of the Second UN Development Decade: Problems and Prospects Isaradej, Malinee
Self-Esteem and Adolescent Political Orientations in Manila Youngblood, Robert L.
Book Reviews Lawless, Robert & Suk, Chin-Ha & Chu, Don-Chean
Volume 7 No.3 June, 1979
Title Author
Modernization & its Discontents: The Cultures Controversy and Liang Shu-ming Alitto, Guy S.
Factories in Domestic Premises: An Anatomy of an Urban Informal Sector in Hong Kong Sit, Victor
Sano Manabu and the Japanization of Marxism-Leninism Wagner, Jeffrey P.
Agents or Autocrats: India's Viceroys in the Late Nineteenth Century Kaminsky, Arnold P.
The Export Trade of the Philippines with Australia Roy, K. C. & Lougheed, A.L.
Development Strategies in Vietnam: The Fourth National Congress of the Vietnam Communist Party Thayer, Carlyle A.
Book Reviews Walker, William T. & Lee, Sang-Chul, & Lawless, Robert
Volume 7 No.4 August, 1979
Title Author
Chou En-lai, the Religious Affairs Bureau and Chinese State Catholic Policy 1949-1962 Hanson, Eric O.
Game of Diplomatic Recognition: Britain's Peking Policy and Its Implications Liu, William H.
Public Opinion and America Policy Toward the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945 Jan, George P.
India's Population Policy Chandna, R.C.
Political Parties & Political Development: An Exploratory Study of the Perceptions of Legislators in the Indian States of Haryana & Panjab Youngblood, Betty J.
Problems and Prospects of Low-Income-Settlements in Southeast Asian Cities Krausse, Gerald H.
Why Singaporeans Move - A Profile of Movers in HDB Flats and Private Housing Eng, Teo Siew
Review Article Leung, Edwin Pak-Wah
Volume 7 No.5 October, 1979
Title Author
Japanese Scholars of Modern China Suleski, Ronald
Continuity and Change: The Growth and Distribution Patterns of Chinese in the United States Chang, Pao-Min
The Role of British Officials in China in Ending the Opium Trade form India, 1907-1915 Lodwick, Kathleen L.
Jonathan Duncan - A Lesson in Administrative Survival Rabitoy, Neil
Burma......Past Failures, Future Hopes Hardstone, Peter C.N.
Population Distribution in Peninsular Malaysia: Historical Trends and Contemporary Issues Sidhu, Manjit S. & Jones, Gavin W.
Differing Perspectives on Work Among the Pasil Kalingas of Northern Luzon Lawless, Robert
Book Reviews Lawless, Robert & Zamora, Mario D.
Volume 7 No.6 December, 1979
Title Author
Preserving the Dragon Seeds: The Evolution of Ching Emigration Policy Tsai, Shih-Shan H.
Confucianism & the Backwardness of China's Economy: A Study of Human Self-interest & Profit-seeking Motive in Relation to Economic Development Cheng, Benjamin Shujung
Ethnicity As a Determinant of Political Culture Among Taiwan Youth Young, Frank J.
Mathematical Programming Approaches to Investment Planning of Electric Power Projects in Korea Kim, David J.
Urbanization and Housing Policy in South Korea Ro, Kwang H. & Chang, Tai O.
Strangers in a Strange Land: The Chinese of Java Buskirk, Dale
Customs and Transit Duties in Mughal India Farooque, Abul K. M.
Review Article Chan, F. Gilbert