Asian Profile Volume 6 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 6 No.1 February, 1978
Title Author
Comparative Nuclear Policies: China and Other Developing Countries (India and Pakistan) Liu, Leo Y.
Syncretism in the Reformist Thought of Ho Kai (Ho Chi, 1859-1914) and Hu Li-Yuan Tsai, Jung-Fang
Prerequisites of Sino-American Concilliation Callis, Helmut G.
The Consequences of the Legislature in Developing Societies: The Case of the Philippines Dodd, Joseph W.
Land Tenure Systems in Sind Province, Pakistan Rahman, Mushtaqur
The Emergence of Jinnah's Leadership of the Muslims in South Asia 1906-1920 Ahmad, Muhammad Saleem
Population of Bangladesh, 1974: A Review Ahmad, Nafis
Book Reviews Worden, R.L. & Rea, K.W. & Young, K.R. & Buskirk, D.J. & Pullapilly, C.K. & Pollak, O.B.
Volume 6 No.2 April, 1978
Title Author
Meddling & Misunderstanding: China Policy in the Japanese Foreign Ministry: The 1920's Ramsdell, Daniel B.
Middle School Youth in Modern Taiwan McBeath, Gerald A.
Modernization, Uglification, and an Urban Revolution in Japan Taira, Koji
Mass Media in Malaysia Lent, John A.
Soviet Perception and Behaviour in the Bangladesh Crisis of 1971 Alam, M. Badiul
The Religious and Social Philosophy of the Sokagakkai Metraux, Daniel A.
Territorial Sea Limits: A Comparative Analysis Shyam, Manjula
Book Reviews Alexander, David & Winters, Clyde-Ahmad & Suk, Chin H. & Pullapilly, Cyriac K.
Volume 6 No.3 June, 1978
Title Author
Chinese Family Structure and the Continuation of Chinese Religions Tamney, Joseph B.
Henry Andrea Burgevin: Mercenary Detrick, Robert H.
Social Structural Pressures to Change: A Case Study of the Immigrant Indian & Pakistani Community of Saskatoon, Canada Siddique, Muhammad
A Critique of a Model of Eco-Doom Karunaratne, Neil Dias
Evaluation of Population, Natural Resources & the Prospects of Economic Development in India Singh, Harbans
Revising US Strategy Towards the Indian Sub-Continent Zia, Abdul Q.
Modern Hindu Views on Death and Afterlife Lipski, Alexander
Review Article Munoz, Heraldo 1978 6/3 Book Reviews Bucknall, Kevin B. & Zamora, Mario D.
Volume 6 No.4 August, 1978
Title Author
People's Republic of China in Latin America Wang, Yu San
Pan-Islamism: China's Use of Muslims in Developing Relations with Muslim Countries Winters, Clyde-Ahmad
Religion and Society in Korea Chung, Chai-Sik
Democratic Decentralization and Local Development Administration in South Asia Chauhan, D.S.
Party Identification Among the College Students in a North Indian State Malik, Yogendra K. & Marquette, Jesse F.
The Language and Culture of the Kadar Thundy, Zacharias P.
Anti-Zionism, Marxism and Matzpen: Ideology and the Israel Socialist Organization Schnall, David J.
Review Article Kwak, Tai-Hwan 1978 6/4 Book Reviews Guha, Amalendu & Darrohn, David A.
Volume 6 No.5 October, 1978
Title Author
China's Economic Growth: Import-Led or Domestic Based? Bucknall, Kevin B.
Foreign Policy of People's Republic of China Toward Pakistan: A Study of Participatory Interactions Yim, Yong Soon
Cultural Pluralism and Urban Fertility Differentials in Postwar Burma Maung, M. Ismael Khin
They Sow and They Reap Cadelina, Rowe Villaseca
Political Awareness Among Fiji Indians, 1879-1919 Ali, Ahmed
Preliminary Report about Researches for an Ethno-Demography of the Central Region in Nepal Frank, Walter A.
Apparent Growth Model of Urban Population: Haryana: A Case Study Sinha, S.P. & Kapur, J. N.
Book Reviews Zamora, Mario, Dutt, Ashok K. & Chakrabarti, Tridib
Volume 6 No.6 December, 1978
Title Author
Dulles and Japanese Peace Treaty Cheng, Peter
Shiken Jigoku: The Problem of Entrance Examinations in Japan Beauchamp, Edward R.
Some Reflections on India's Development Montagno, George L.
Bottlenecks Towards Rural Development in Bangladesh Quasem, MD. Abul
Thailand's Southern Land Settlement Schemes Connell, John
Profile of South Asian Students: A Case Study of the Students of Jahangirnagar University Tayyeb, Muhammed A.
The Task of Comparative Religion Sharma, Arvind
Book Reviews Lee, K.W. & Dutt, Ashok K & Chakrabarti, Tridib