Asian Profile Volume 5 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 5 No.1 February, 1977
Title Author
How China Treats Its Old People Tien, H. Yuan
Yuan Shih-Kai's Barbarian Diplomacy Chan, Anthony B.
Islam and Judaism in China: The Merger of Two Cultural Sub-Systems Israeli, Raphael
Impact of Development on Indian Handicrafts Sarkar, Kalyan Kumar
Factors Underlying Modernity: Birth Planning Preferences in Rural Sri Lanka Hirabayashi, Gordon & Saram, P.A.
The Migrant to the City in South East Asia - Can, and Should We Generalize? Pryor, Robin J.
The Role of Nature in Mishima's ''The Sound of Waves'' Buckstead, Richard C.
Volume 5 No.2 April, 1977
Title Author
China's Relations with Southeast Asia: A Review Sim, Yawsoon
The Indian Milk Buffalo: A Paradox of High Performance and Low Reputation Hoffpauir, Robert
An Application of Sector Programming Techniques of Sri Lanka Karunaratne, N. D.
A Note on Urbanization Trends of a Developing Nation, India Mookherjee, Debnath
Energy Crisis and Electric Power Development Kim, David J.
College Students East and West Gray, Wallace
Volume 5 No.3 June, 1977
Title Author
Manpower Policy and Administration in China Guha, Amalendu
The Politics of National Development: An Overview of the Post-Revolutionary Politics in China Ro, Kwang H. & Wu, Thomas D.
Transnational Transactions and Image Change: Effects on Japan's Attitude and Policy Toward China, 1949-1972 Wu, Friedrich W.Y.
The Elite Groups and Aspects of Confrontation Within Pakistan Mugual, Nazir A.
Images of the Physico-ecological Environment in Southeast Asia: Some comments on Envrionmental Interpretation of Early Western Rubber Planters Voon, Phin-Keong
The Role of Ideology in Integration and Exclusion: The Case of Sanscritization Borgstrom, Bengt-Erik
The Name Moluccas, Maluku Watuseke, Frans S.
Volume 5 No.4 August, 1977
Title Author
Emigrant Communities in China, Sze-Yap Zo, Kil Young
The Rise of the Home Rule Movement in Madras (1914-1917) Torri, Michelguglielmo
Problems and Performance of Agriculture in Pakistan Siddiqi, Akhtar Husain
Political Changes in the Philippines Under Martial Rule: An Analysis Lapitan, A.E.
Failure of Democracy in Legislative Processes: A Case of South Korea, 1961 Choi, Yearn H.
The Economics and Politics of Sino-Indonesian Relations, 1950-1976 Wong, John
The Lebanese Bloodshed: A Modern Crusade, or a Socioeconomic Conflict? Ghali, Samir & Hartwig, Charles W.
Volume 5 No.5 October, 1977
Title Author
Women's Place in the People's Republic of China: Ideology and Practice Tien, Joseleyne Slade
Japan's Version of a Regional Cooperation of Pacific Asia Chen, David H. H.
US Policy in Korean Partition Yim, Yong Soon
Muslim-Christian Violence in the Philippines Magdalena, Federico V.
Korzybskian Semantics and Buddhism: Some Philosophical Parallels Merrill, John Calhoun
The Rise and Fall of Sukarno: A Brief Analysis of Indonesia's Political Development 1949-1965 Quiko, Edo
Regional Cooperation in Southeast Asia - A Case Study of the Lower Mekong Basin Development Menon, P.K.
Kogakureki Shakai - The Modern Education Society from the Comparative Point of View Teichler, Ulrich
Volume 5 No.6 December, 1977
Title Author
Morale in Educational and Social Development in Japan Kobayashi, Victor N.
Towards Educating Workers With Socialist Consciousness & Culture: The Case of the People's Republic of China Price, Ronald F.
Education As a Means to Achieve Socio-Economic Progress in the Republic of China Lew, William J. F. & Berger, Carl F. & Brown, Karen H.
Education and Development: A Thai Experience Tapingai, Amnuay
Education, Society and Development in Malaysia Wong, Hoy-Kee
Indonesia: Four Educational Development Problems in the 1970's Thomas, Murray R.
Society, Education and Development in the Philippines Lacuesta, Manuel G.
The Development of Educational Underdevelopment in India Di Bona, Joseph E.