Asian Profile Volume 4 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 4 No.1 February, 1976
Title Author
Ching Diplomacy: Structure and Functioning Tsai, Shih-Shan
A Commentary on Japan As an Asian Power in the Next Decade Chang, David W.
The Emergence of US Interest in South Asia Zia, Abdul Q.
Population Growth of Indian Cities, 1901-71 Chandna, R.C.
Land Reforms and Development in Pakistan Siddiqi, Akhtar Husain
Intent and Reality: A Local View of Philippine Agrarian Reform Silliman, G. Sidney
The Earliest Agriculture: Some Theoretical Speculations Noble, William A.
Volume 4 No.2 April, 1976
Title Author
China Policy Debate in the Japanese Imperial Diet, 1918-1931 Ramsdell, D. B.
Reflections on Biography and Autobiography: The Case of Hu Shih Rawlinson, John L.
Okinawan Attitudes Towards Japan: A Case Study in the Nationalist Feelings of a Disadvantaged Minority Kampf, Herbert A.
Locational Eccentricity of State Capitals in India Krishan, Gopal & Gupta S.C.
Public Policy Towards Local Autonomy in a Developing Nation: A Philippine Case Study, 1959 Villanueva, A. B.
Thai Peasants: Thai or Peasant Buskirk, Dale
A Theory of Gatekeeping in International Communications Bhattacharya, S.P.
Volume 4 No.3 June, 1976
Title Author
To Rectify Names, An Attempt at Synthesis Duncan, Nevin J.
Taiwan's Legal Status and Its Political Future Copper, John F.
The Legal Person of Hong Kong Chinese in British Law Liu, William H.
Collaboration Between Japanese Intelligence and the Finnish Underground During the Russo-Japanese War Falt, Olavi K.
Stability and Change in a Political Leadership: The Case of the Indian Cabinet 1947-1973 Cheng, Peter
Viet-Cong Belief Down, Jack
The Motion Picture in Malaysia: History and Problems Lent, John A.
Volume 4 No.4 August, 1976
Title Author
Tzu-hsi's Ascendancy to Power and Her Fantasies Wong, Young-Tsu
Japan's Journey to Pacifism Weise, R. Eric
Patterns of South-North Korean Interactions, 1970-74: Events Data Analysis Kwak, Tae-Hwan
The Impact of Religion and Ethnicity on Political Conflict in Pakistan Hussain, Asaf & Hutchinson, John P.
Malay Education in the Plantation Millieu-Cultural Chauvinism of Social Class Consciousness Colletta, N. J.
Gio As ''Tragedy'' Rucinshi, Jack
Volume 4 No.5 October, 1976
Title Author
The Chiang-Li-Mao Triangle: The Nationalist-Communist Peace Talks, 1949 Lin, Robert K.
Hawaii's View of the Japanese Tourist Kuroda, Alice K.
Wages, Productivity and Foreign Trade of Korea Kang, Cheul W.
Student Unrest in Pakistan Haydar, Afak
Two Recent Malay Plays: Towards a Sociology of Modern Malya Drama Watson, C.W.
The Edo Senryu's View of Man and Society Cholley, Jean
Chronlogical & Topical Discrepancies in Khafi Khan's History of Aurangzib: A Case Study of Mughal Admiral's Appointment Refai, G. Z.
Volume 4 No.6 December, 1976
Title Author
What Is to Be Learned from Da Zhai? Meyer, Paul K. Steidl
The Ideology of Racial Cooperation Among Manchurian Resident Japanese as a Prologue to the Manchurian Incident, 1929-1931 Egler, David G.
The Foundation of Japanese Thought - Concerning the Affair of a Rash Pilot Takahashi, Masanobu
The Meeting of the Twian: Japanese and Greek Berry, Margaret
Approaching Japanese and the Japanese from Europe Through Northern Eurasia Kazar, Lajos
Remarks on the Colonial Genesis of the Hill Station in Southeast Asia with Particular Reference to the Cities of Buitenzorg (Bogor) and Baguio Reed, Robert R.