Asian Profile Volume 3 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 3 No.1 February, 1975
Title Author
The Myth of the Chinese Patriarchy Hong, Lawrence K.
The May 15 Incident Rea, Kenneth W.
The Initial Phase of the Campaign Against the Opium Traffic in the British Empire, 1840-1895 Crangle, John V.
Comparative Analysis of the Peaceful Unification of Both North & South Korea in the Age of Detente Kim, Young Jeh
Growth Pattern of Selected Indian Cities and Towns: An Assessment Mookherjee, Debnath
Historic Proposals for a Kra Canal: Their Impact on International Relations in Southeast Asia with Emphasis on British Perspectives Smith, Herbert B.
Dutch Education Policy in Indonesia 1850-1900 Wilson, Greta
Military Officers in Southeast Asia Politics and Economics Hoadley, J. Stephen
The Sarekat Islam: Islamic Modernism and the Indonesian Nationalist Movement Buskirk, Dale
The Gita's Psychology of Conduct Crawford, Cromwell
Volume 3 No.2 April, 1975
Title Author
Image, Perception, and World Order: The Case of Traditional China Ma, Laurence J. C.
The Response of China and Japan to the Leith Ross Mission to China 1935-1936 Trotter, Ann
The Impact of Chinese Students Returned from America with Emphasis on the Chinese Revolution, 1911-1949 Dow, Tsung I.
On the Name Celebes Watuseke, Frans S. Socioeconomic Perspective of Kathmandu, Nepal Joshi, Tulasi R.
Hamacandra: The Life and Scholarship of a Jaina Monk Sharma, Jagdish P.
Controlling Population Growth: An Anthropological Review Mathur, Hari Mohan
Volume 3 No.3 June, 1975
Title Author
Some Comparisons between the Chinese and Vietnamese Revolutions Chen, King C.
Foreign Policy in Early Republican China: The Role of the Diplomat Bouza, John M.
The Influence of Personality in Sino-Western Relations: The Case of Anson Burlingame Kim, Samuel S.
Patterns of Socio-Economic Structure in Indian Cities Singh, Harbans
The New Ideology: Key to Nation-Building in Bangladesh Huq, M. Obaidul
Populism & Representation: Some Tentative Observations on the Congress, United Front & Congress(R) Governments in W. Bengal Sarbadhikari, P.R.
Framework for Evaluating National Planning in Southeast Asia Coster, Frank J. & Dutt, Ashoh K.
Volume 3 No.4 August, 1975
Title Author
Arabs, Oil and Chinese History Adie, W. A. C.
The Impact of the Nixon Shock on Japan's China Policy: A Study in the Sino-Japanese Rapprochement of 1972 Kim, Hong N.
Revolutionary Worker: Watanabe Masanosuke and the Japanese Communist Party 1922-1928 Large, Stephen S.
The Islamic Summit conference of 1974: An Assessment Haydar, Afak
India's Ex-Untouchables Montagno, George L.
Citizens Assemblies in the Philippines: Institutional-Building Under Martial Rule Lapitan, A. E.
The Role of the Partai National Indonesia (PNI) During the October Coup of 1965 and the General Elections of 1971 Nadesan, Alexander
Volume 3 No.5 October, 1975
Title Author
Trading Under Duress: The Case of Taiwan Selya, Roger Mark
The Growth Issue in Japanese Public Opinion and Politics Stunkel, K.R.
The Dynamics of Political - Administrative Relations in Rural India: A Case Study in Mysore State Fritz, Dan
Institutional Credit and the Strategy of Agricultural Development: A Case Study of Pakistan Zuberi, Habib
Political Competition in South Korea: An Analysis of Korean Elections, 1963-1971 Ro, Kwang H.
Constitutional Choice in a Third World Nation: The Case of the Philippines, 1971-1973 Roth, David F.
The Actual Dates of the Arrival of Two Giraffes from Malindi -As Gifts-To the Chinese Court of Yung Lo Winters, Clyde
Volume 3 No.6 December, 1975
Title Author
The Taiwan Tangle Today: A Taiwanese's View Cheng, Peter
The Views of J.O.P. Bland on Kang Yu-Wei and the Chinese Reform Movement Worden, Robert L.
Japanese-American Relations and the Recent Energy Crisis DeShazo, E.A. & McClain, Michael
Social Changes in Post-Independent India Guha, Amalendu B.
Good Wives-Wise Mothers and Pan Pan: Notes on the Position of Japanese Women Jones, H.J.
Man and Nature: East Asia and the West Olsen, Edward A.
An ''Asiatic'' Christ: Hindu Views of the Founder of Christianity Lipski, Alexander