Asian Profile Volume 2 No. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Volume 2 No.1 February, 1974
Title Author
The People's Republic of China & South-east Asia in the 1970's An, Tai-Sung
Taiwan's New International Port: The Conflict between Planning, Politics, & Physical Realty Selya, Roger Mark
The Pattern of Recruitment & Political Representation in Korea Kim, Chong-Lim & Woo, Byung-Kyu
Japanese Entreprenuership in the Early Stage of Economic Development Ichimura, Shinichi
Toward an Analysis of Dynastic Hinterlands: The Imperial Cholas of 11th Century South India Spencer, George W. & Hall, Kenneth R.
Significant Features of Trade and Related Economy of Pakistan and Bangladesh Ahmad, Nafis
United States Mediation in the Dutch-Indonesian Dispute over West Irain Stastny, Charles
Barangay Origins of Filipino Local Self-Government Villanueva, A.B.
The Peopling of Polynesia: Origin & Migrations of the Inhabitants of the Many Islands Nooy-Palm, Hetty
Volume 2 No.2 April, 1974
Title Author
Was the Birth of the People's Republic of China Predicted? An Analysis of Speculation & Judgment of Some Sinologists Sim, Yawsoon
Japan as a Colonial Power: The Micronesian Example Greenberger, Allen J.
Attitudinal Orientation toward Foreign Capital Importation to Korea Kim, Se-Jin
Burma, India and Pakistan: Attitudes towards Membership of the Commonwealth of Nations Lateef, Abdul
Population Growth in India, 1961-71: A Spatial Perspective Gosal, G. S.
Population of Pakistan, 1972: An Amazing Growth Rate - A Review Ahmad, Nafis
The Shock of the Universal Gray, Wallace
Volume 2 No.3 June, 1974
Title Author
The Process of Education in Ancient China - Centuries of Experience Bonpua, Jr. Jose L.
Utopian Foreign Policy & the Cultural Revolution: China & the Third World Asia Bert, Wayne
Leadership Style and the Cultural Revolution Pizor, Peter J.
The Sato Government and the University Crisis, 1968-69 Kim, Hong N.
Foreign Trade of North and South Korea - A Historical Perspective Kang, Cheul
Urbanization in Thailand: Khon Kaen, A Case Study Thomas, M. Ladd & Noranitipadungkarn, Chakrit
Metaphysics and History: Aurobindo's Early Nationalism Johnson, David L.
Volume 2 No.4 August, 1974
Title Author
The Future of the Chinese in Southeast Asia: A Chinese Point of View Chang, David W.
The Limits of Coalition Theory: The Case of the Chinese Communist-Kuomintang Alliance Stone, Alan
Malaysian Chinese and Their Mass Media: History and Survey Lent, John A.
North Korea: Between Moscow and Peking Ro, Kwang H.
Some Radical Changes in Pakistan's Foreign Policy Zia, Abdul Q.
Student Protest in Developing and Developed Countries: A Comparative Analysis Di Bona, Joseph E.
Morality and Meditation Among Theravada Buddhist Laymen King, Winston L.
Volume 2 No.5 / 6 October / December, 1974
Title Author
Aging and the Aged in the Japanese Social Structure Nishio, Harry K.
Social Change in Rural Japan Shimpo, Mitsuru
Environmental Pollution in Japan Caldarola, Carlo
Relation of History to Expectations of the Future: Japan's Youth of the Past and the Present Lanham, Betty B.
Social Factors in Adolescent Suicide in Japan Naka, Hisao
Stress and Disease in Japan Young, David E.
Urban-Rural Differences in Individual in the Japanese National Character Geigle, Ray A.
Power in Exchange - Strategy of Control and Patterns of Compliance in Japan Befu, Harumi