Asian Profile Volume 1 No. [1] [2] [3]
Volume 1 No.1 1973
Title Author
China's Future Development: Thoughts and Notes Jo, Yung-Hwan
Chinese Secret Societies in America: A Historical Survey Chu, Yung-Deh Richard
The Changing Geography of Tibet Karan, P.P.
China and Unequal Treaties at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 Chi, Madeleine
The Image of the Far East in the West from the Accounts of Western Travelers in the 13th Century Myers, Henry A.
Background to the American Intervention in Cambodia: Sihanouk's Overthrow Marsot, Alain-Gerard
''Indonesia'' and ''Indonesians'': Semantics in Politics Nagazumi, Akira
A New Rising Sun Sullivan, Alfred B. & Deshazo, E.A.
Islamabad: Profile of the New Capital of Pakistan Ahmad, Nafis
The Pattern of Urbanization in the Developing Countries of Asia & Its Political Significance Kularatnam, K.
The Figure of Rama in Buddhist Cultures Buck, Harry M.
The Search for a Symbol in Kawabata's Snow Country Buckstead, Richard C.
Mu & Pneuma: A Projective Comparison of Kitaro Nishida & Nels Ferre Wallace, Gray
The Takayoshi Genji & Arthur Waley's ''The Tale of Genji'' Lubell, B. & Martinson, F.H.
Volume 1 No.2 1973
Title Author
Some Affinities between Confucian & Marxian Philosophical Systems Dow, Tsung-I
China's Policy toward Japan: A Study of the Pattern of Chinese People's Diplomacy Jan, George P.
The Seventeenth Century General Crisis in China Adshead, S.A.M.
Early Phases of Homoeopathy in India Bhardwaj, S.M.
The Consolidation of Leadership in the Last Phase of the Politics of the All India Muslim League Qureshi, Saleem M. M.
Caste, Religion, and Parties in Kerala, 1956-1970 Oren, Stephen
Population and Food Supply with Special Reference to Land Use Planning in India Shafi, Mohammad
United States Relations with Thailand: The Mission of Townsend Harris Moon, John Wook
Agricultural Change in Singapore Ooi, Jin-Bee
A Conceptual Model for the Study of Overseas Chinese in South-east Asia Han, Sin-Fong
An Adult Education Program for the Bukidnons of Southern Negros Island, Philippines Oracion, Timoteo S.
Volume 1 No.3 1973
Title Author
China and the United Nations: A Study of Change Comer, John & Cheng, Peter
Pacific Alternatives: Balance of Power versus Organized Cooperation Callis, Helmut G.
Shame and Behaviour in Chinese Society Wilson, Richard W.
Farm Management & Incentive Probblems in North Korean Collective Farms Moak, Samuel K.
Martial Law & the Philippines: A Personal Perspective Onorato, Michael P.
''Scratches on Our Minds'': William Elliot Griffis as Interpreter of Japan Beauchamp, Edward R.
Relationship between Geomorphology of the Alluvial Plain and Inundation Oya, Masahiko