About Asian Research Service


Asian Research Service (ARS) was founded in 1972 and its main office has been in Vancouver, Canada since 1993. It is an independent, private organization providing academic services to scholars, and different business and governmental institutions. ARS specializes in the discipline of Asian Studies and currently the Pacific region as well. Its first publication, Asian Profile, was inaugurated in August 1973. It is a  international journal devoted exclusively to multi-disciplinary study of Asian Affairs. The journal serves as an open forum for the exchange of ideas among scholars both inside and outside Asia and has been well received for every issue.


ARS has published volumes of monograph series, bibliography series, and international directories of Asian Studies centers. For years, the company has successfully developed a worldwide distribution network for different academic publications.


Besides publications, ARS has been providing different academic services such as typesetting, printing, and translation services for scholars, publishers, and organizations all over the world.


Since 1979, ARS has organized a series of international symposia on Asian Studies. Over 1,000 papers were presented to these symposia and these papers were then published in the Proceedings of the International Symposia on Asian Studies. More than 50 volumes of proceedings has been published.