ICAS Fellowship and Membership

A Fellow shall be a person who has relevant academic qualifications or published works on Asian Studies. 
A Member shall be a person who is interested in Asian Studies. 
Privileges of Fellowship and Membership 
1)  Free annual subscription to Asian Profile (6 issues). 
2)  Discounts on publications of ARS and ICAS. 
3)  Reduced fees for participation in the International Symposium on Asian Studies.
4)  Concessional rates for air transport and hotel accommodation specially arranged by ARS. 
5)  Low cost typesetting and printing services. 
6)  Eligibility to act as convener of special study group and to serve on various committees of ICAS. 
7)  Opportunity for, and assistance in, research projects. (Members not eligible for 6 and 7) 
Fellowship/ Membership Annual Dues 
US$60 which covers a free annual subscription to Asian Profile (6 issues).
Payment may be made by cheque/ money order/ bankdraft in US currency drawn at a bank in US and must be with bank 
encode. The payment is made payable to Asian Research Service. For joining ICAS, please fill in and mail 
the enrolment form together with your payment:

Mailing Address: 
Asian Research Service
P.O. Box 1211
Metrotown RPO
Burnaby, BC 
Canada V5H 4J8 
[Enrolment Form for Fellowship/ Membership]