Fellowship/Membership for International Center for Asian Studies (ICAS)
The International Center for Asian Studies (ICAS) is a division of Asian Research Service (ARS) founded 
in 1972.  It is an independent academic body whose objectives are to promote better relations and 
understanding among scholars in different countries of the world, to encourage international cooperation 
in research and development of Asian Studies, and to stimulate exchange of views and information on all 
aspects of this multi-disciplinary field.

In order to promote the above objectives, the following activities are undertaken:

Organization and conduction of an annual International Symposium on Asian Studies.

Liaison and exchange of information with institutions and centers of Asian Studies in various countries of the world.

Formation of Special Studies Groups among scholars with common research interest.

Arrangement of study tours and visit programs with air transport and accommodations at concessional rates.

Publication of academic works in association with Asian Research Service.
Founding Advisors:
Dr. Marie-Claire Bergere
Dr. Lowell Dittmer
Prof. Soren Egerod
Prof. Harish Kapur
Dr. Josefa M. Saniel
Prof. Robert A. Scalapino

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