Articles to be Published

Managing Retail Credit Risk: An Application of the Information Model 

Dinabandhu Bag
Faculty, School of Business Management
National Institute of Technology
Rourkel, India

Spatial Variations in Infant Mortality Rate in Orissa, India:
Roles of Socioeconomic Factors and Household Conditions

Sibabrata Das
Department of Applied Geography
School of Regional Studies and Earth Sciences
Ravenshaw University, Orissa, India

A Tale of Two Countries: Intellectual Property Rights Laws and Indicators
in China and India

Sadequl Islam
Department of Economics
Laurentian University
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

Technologies of Freedom or Oppression: Is Google Evil to Abridge Freedom of Speech in China?

Sungwook Kim
Ming Chuan University
Aziz Douai
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

History and Memory: The Positioning of the Munda in the Barind Region, Bangladesh

Shaila Sharmeen
Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies
Kyoto University

Violence Against Women: Its Forms, Causes and Elimination

Mohammed Anowar Hossain Mizi
Department of Political Science
University of Chittagong, Bangladesh

Consumer Perceived Value Formation Process: Lesson from Developing Country

Jashim Uddin Ahmed
School of Business
North South University
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Md. Humayun Kabir Chowdhury
Department of Business Administration
East West University
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Sheehan Rahman
Manchester Business School
University of Manchester
United Kingdom